China Buys United States Territorial Waters Oil Leases In The Gulf Of Mexico.

Statoil, Norway’s state-owned oil company has sold their US-territorial waters leases in The Gulf Of Mexico to CNOOC, the Chinese state-owned oil company.



Highly doubtful anyone in the current administration will even attempt to criticize this, let alone try and stop the transaction’s completion.

Besides, if anyone in DC actually does give a damn about our national sovereignty and tries to do the right thing for our nation in this matter, China may simply say ‘no problem, we want our investment back now – all of it’, or simply drop the US Dollar faster than they’re doing already.

Any bets in how long it’s going to take our uber-concerned-about-the-nation media to cover this ?


I’m on my ‘Crackberry’ right now, so the link above may not be active. I’ll handle that, probably have an update and additional commentary when I get home to a real computer thingy early this evening.

Cheers !

Kenny Solomon