Afghanistan Run-Off Election: Lone Half-Crazy Candidate Not Guaranteed Of Winning.

While you were sleeping………… 7pm Australian time (that’s 3am Eastern US) the news broke……


Abdullah pulls out of Afghan run-off election.

Opposition candidate Abdullah Abdullah announced on Sunday that he was pulling out of this week’s run-off presidential election in Afghanistan.

“The decision which I am going to announce was not an easy one. It was a decision that I have taken after wide-ranging consultations, with the people of Afghanistan, my supporters and influential leaders,” Abdullah told supporters.

“In protest against the misconduct of the government and the Independent Election Commission (IEC), I will not participate in the election,” he added.

Abdullah’s decision is set to plunge Afghanistan into further uncertainty with the country in political limbo since the first round of voting on August 20, which was tainted by widespread vote-rigging.

Follow-up article about an hour later…….. with commentary by Hillary Clinton.


Asked whether the outcome of a run-off with only one candidate would result in a legitimate government, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Saturday that such situations are “not unprecedented.”

“We see that happen in our own country where, for whatever combination of reasons, one of the candidates decides not to go forward. I don’t think it has anything to do with the legitimacy of the election,” she said.

“I’m not going to comment on what any of the candidates might decide to do,” Clinton said, adding: “It’s a personal choice which may or may not be made.”


Well then, I’ll comment, Ms. Clinton.  You see, it’s like this:  Disingenuous people know no bounds, especially when…………. Ahhh….. I’m wasting my time here…… Nobody’s going to care……  Y’all will take this simply as a weekend/overnight news dump.

Besides, why should it matter to anyone that there’s tens of thousands of American Armed Forces members stationed in Afghanistan not allowed to fight a war, and still waiting for their Commander-In-Chief to make a decision from a request received OVER THREE MONTHS AGO to get them some help.


Hey, can we still call it a war, or is it now just “an enhanced and extended conflict resolution exercise resulting from a man-caused disaster” ?

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