UK - Girls accept rape as price to join male gangs.


This is going to be my last post for a while.   I need to back off a bit.   This story did it to me.

The thought of a bunch of sub-human pieces of garbage, let alone supposed parents who would even remotely allow……………..

Teenage girls wanting to join violent male gangs are being forced into having sex and ferrying guns, knives and drugs, police and charities have found.

The girls, some as young as 13, want to join gangs to raise their own profile or to seek protection. Often they are swayed by the status given to the senior members of the gang.

When they first join they are told they must have sex with one member of the gang — and then find several of the gang waiting for them.

What has shocked welfare workers is that the girls accept the situation as normal and do not appreciate that they are being violated.

Sincere apologies if this was/is too disturbing for you, but it’s absolute reality and unfortunately, I have a feeling it’s definitely not limited to The UK either.

What passes for “normal” society has a dire issue in that many people (especially some of the folks now in charge world-wide) see the above as no real problem whatsoever and ‘simply curable’ by just talking to pure evil who are using, abusing and killing others, thinking they’ll see the light and magically reform instantaneously.

I can’t comment further without becoming emotional to the point I was when I first saw this article about an hour ago.  Those of you who don’t know about my day job…… I help protect kids.

Kenny Solomon
See y’all around soon.