Pakistan Army Says Howdy To South Waziristan - Over 30,000 Troops Go After Taliban.


More than 30,000 Pakistani have soldiers launched a much-awaited ground offensive in an al-Qaida and Taliban stronghold along the Afghan border.

The offensive in South Waziristan follows months of air strikes intended to soften up militant defences. The bombing has forced tens of thousands of civilians to flee.


Even if the operation is largely successful in South Waziristan, many of the militants could escape to Afghanistan or other parts of Pakistan’s semi-autonomous tribal belt.


Despite sometimes rocky relations with the Pakistani military, the US is trying to rush in equipment that would help with mobility, night fighting and precision bombing.


Hey, this is great…. “Months of air strikes” that we all knew about because the media has been doing such a great job covering facts……….. 30,000+ soldiers set up for a fall by senior commanders and a government that at best, is completely unstable and may even be part of our enemy…… The really bad guys will simply go deeper into the caves and/or keep hiding in plain sight………… and Obama authorizes high-tech gizmos to be sent over there – which will undoubtedly and quickly end up being “donated” to the very peace-loving-religious people who want to kill us all.

Did I miss anything ?

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