Nine Leftist Latin American Countries Dropping The US Dollar In 2010.


Leftist Latin American leaders have agreed on the creation of a regional currency to scale back on the use of the US dollar as well as economic sanctions against Honduran coup leaders.

Nine countries of ALBA, a leftist bloc conceived by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, met Friday in Bolivia where they vowed to press ahead with a new currency for intra-regional trade to replace the US dollar.

“The document is approved,” said Bolivia’s President Evo Morales, who is hosting the summit.

The new currency, named the Sucre after Jose Antonio de Sucre, who fought for independence from Spain alongside Venezuelan hero Simon Bolivar in the early 19th century, will be rolled out beginning in 2010 in a non-paper form.


OK, so what now Oh Teh Won ?

Hey….. Dictator In Training Pants, are you listening, or is your chin so high up in the air you can’t see anything other than your own reflection in The Sun ?

I’m talking to you, impostor POTUS…. yeah you.  The law-and-regulation-usurping, anti-Constitutional, anti-American, real piece of work in The White House.

Oh, I forgot….. You actually want this to happen, but on a much wider scale.

Never mind.

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