Poland Signs European Union Treaty..... What's not been said..... An opinion from a nobody (me).


Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski on Saturday signed the European Union’s reforming Lisbon Treaty at a ceremony, leaving his ultra-eurosceptic Czech counterpart Vaclav Klaus as the only holdout.

“The fact that the Irish people changed their minds meant the revival of the treaty, and there are no longer any obstacles to its ratification,” Kaczynski said before signing.

“Today is a very important day in the history of Poland and the European Union,” he added, as senior EU leaders looked on.


No mention at all of a very large possibility why Poland’s president finally signed the treaty his nation’s government ratified 18 months previous………

It’s a fair assumption that many months can go by for a nation – that has somewhat free elections – to sign a treaty that was ratified…. dust settling and all that.  Poland is a deeply religious nation and her people are steadfast in their beliefs.  The Polish president seems to have many issues with the treaty, including loss of national sovereignty (so why did you sign it then ?) and other things including The Lisbon Agreement allowing marriages across all 564 genders of humanity.

So why sign it now ?  Vass ees mit der pen onna zee paypur ?

One might tend to consider the possibility that something had to be done, because Poland and her people have realized they’ve been abandoned by a certain nation’s government (but in no way abandoned by that certain nation’s people) in matters of support and especially defense.  Gee, what certain nation’s government could I be talking about ?

All that remains for The Lisbon Agreement to be fully in force and mandatory for all 27 European Union nations, is the signature of Czechoslovakia’s president (Vaclav Klaus)….. and he has a few very good reasons for not signing the treaty.

Klaus, a staunch eurosceptic who refuses to fly the EU flag at his residence, has repeatedly refused to sign the treaty, and on Friday imposed a new condition, seeking an opt-out on a key element, the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Please click on the link at the top and read the entire article so you understand what I think may be some of the ramifications of a united-by-treaty European Union………

I have a feeling that if and when this Lisbon agreement is actually in force, three things may happen quite quickly….. One.  Russia ramps up their “defensive” capabilities to a comparable level they had during The Cold War (which they seem to be doing anyway)……. Two.  “That certain nation’s government” I mentioned before might just back off The European Union entirely, letting them fend for themselves in matters of defense……. Three.  If “Two” happens, The EU may unpeg from “that certain nation’s government’s” currency almost overnight.

If I can think of this scenario, you can bet that people much more adept within the international political spectrum had it in mind long before I thought about it.

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