Nobel Prize Winner: Release All Terrorists From Jail.

The USA’s humble but lovable Dictator In Training Pants wasn’t who suggested it.  But you’re spot-on that was my instant thought when I saw the headline.


Professor Ada Yonath, who received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry last week, wasted no time in using her newly found fame to air her political views. In an interview Saturday on Army Radio station (Galei Tzahal) she opined that Israel should release all the terrorists that are incarcerated in its jails.

“We need to think of ways that people will not have motivation to go and kill and be killed,” Yonath said. “It is is not just a political matter. These people are people who usually do not have a horizon, they have no hope, they have no reason to want to live and therefore they do not care that others will not live, and at the same time maybe they will also go to heaven and receive some rewards. This does not happen to people who have options for life, who have a life in which they at least have the possibility of hope. We can change that.”


Go ahead and release ’em all…… with one caveat…….

…….Every one of ’em instantly becomes the personal responsibility of Professor Ada Yonath.

But since we know that any kind of accountability is never to be expected from someone as far to the left of the far left as the good professor………….

Professor, Yonath, Ms. Yonath, ‘Hey You’, or however you wish to be addressed:

I think y’all might need a checkup from the neck up regarding the supposed human beings you’re talking about releasing.

They have one thing in mind:  Kill Jews & Westerners…… as many as they can and as violently as they can…… their “peace-loving religion” pretty much mandates it.

Learn it.  Know it.  Live it.

Oh yeah……. and have a nice day.

Islamic Extremists are NOT dangerous – They are loving, peaceful and compassionate of others – In direct violation of the Koran.
The problem is with the pious Muslims – Those who believe and act as the Koran requires.

Got a problem with that ?   Then read Mr. Robert Spencer’s book “The Complete Infidel’s Guide To The Koran” and let it all sink in.     http://www.jihadwatch.org

Kenny Solomon