Supreme Court to hear Chicago gun ban case.


Fairfax, Va. — The National Rifle Association applauds the Supreme Court’s decision, announced today, to hear the landmark Second Amendment case of McDonald v. Chicago. The case will address the application of the Second Amendment to the states through either the Due Process clause or the Privileges or Immunities clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. The case has major implications for the legality of restrictive gun laws not only in Chicago, but also in other cities across the United States. The decision to hear the case, which will be argued later this year or early next year, gives Second Amendment advocates across America hope that this fundamental freedom will not be infringed by unreasonable state and local laws.


“It is an injustice that the residents of Chicago continue to have their Second Amendment rights denied,” said Chris W. Cox, NRA’s chief lobbyist. “It’s time that the fundamental right of self-defense is respected by every jurisdiction throughout the country. It is our hope that the Supreme Court will find, once and for all, that all law-abiding Americans have the God-given, constitutionally-protected right of self-defense, no matter what city, county or state they call home.”

If the bans/restrictions are overturned, “…..the Right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed” has teeth and The Constitution is still worth something other than toilet paper.

However….. Put VERY simply, if the ban is upheld, then The 2nd Amendment is invalid to States and will only be valid in Washington DC, Federal Territories and on Federal Property.

Put even more simply: If the ban is upheld, the current administration will more than likely move to take your guns and anything else they consider a weapon……… Well…….. They’ll TRY ‘n take ’em.

Molon Labe !

Kenny Solomon

Typical bitter Jewish God-clinging gun owner and barking-mad insane NASCAR fan.