Hawaii's garbage is headed for Washington State....... Really....... Over the open ocean and everything.

The obvious snark pertaining to the image of a certain current POTUS who shall remain nameless will not emanate from the author of this commentary.


Hawaii trash headed for Northwest landfill.

A Honolulu spokesman has confirmed that Monday will mark the start of shipping Oahu trash to a landfill on the mainland.

The city and Seattle-based Hawaiian Waste Systems reached agreement on a contract in August. The company will haul up to 100,000 tons of solid waste each year at a cost of $99 per ton to a landfill in Washington state.

The trash otherwise would go to the only municipal landfill on Oahu.


Not sure I can comment on this without my head exploding………. but I’ll try.

Hey Hawaii…… garbage to electricity…… ever hear of it ?

Inexpensive, fantastic enviro-protection within the operating system filtering and the only actual emission is water vapor.

Compared to shipping $100/ton multi-format waste over a few thousand miles of open ocean, the average G-2-E facility costs next to nothing to build and pays for itself in a few years, because the system is mostly automated and you sell the generated power to the local utility.

The remaining solids from the process are a system-separated trio of recyclable material, biodegradable non-toxic ash and normally less than 1/2 of 1% landfill material.

But no… You’d rather take a limited budget of shrinking tax dollars and ship your garbage a few thousand miles to the mainland for the whole shootin’ match to be dumped in a landfill.

Lapuwale aupuni okole pukas. (Find your own translator.)

Oh…. before anyone says it……… Can’t just dump it all into one of the many volcanoes around the islands…… That would anger the Gods……. No joke.

Cheers !

Kenny Solomon
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