Time again to make everyone think I'm insane.

A while back, I was really on a razor’s edge and made a promise to myself to never get that way again. I’m at peace with everything and getting back into doing live sound – buying a fairly nice PA system to do so under my own company’s banner.

Haven’t put up a diary in some time and yesterday, this all came together for me. So here’s where my thoughts are for our nation’s immediate future……..and it’s not good.

But I honestly am relaxed and enjoying life because I have deep faith in our nation and her people to not allow tyranny to truly take hold.

Things are seemingly coming to a head next week…… The G-20 in Pittsburgh…… UN General Assembly session…… “The State Department” let’s in leaders of Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Libya….. but NOT Honduras……. AND POTUS as Chair of the UN Security Council (I deeply believe their first target of opportunity will be the elimination of Israel).

…… An Islamic national day of prayer on The US Capitol’s west frontage, with their website message being “Our time has come.”……. Sundown that evening, the Jewish high-holy day of Yom Kippur begins…….

A massive campaign gearing up it’s marketing to ‘voluntarily’ vaccinate every citizen with a just-started-testing serum for H1N1 (swine flu)…… The majority party in Congress working many blatantly unconstitutional and anti-freedom legislation sets that cannot be stopped by the vote on party lines…….

Dissent for anything being labeled by a complicit/accomplice media and ‘community leaders’ as racist……and that same media ON PURPOSE not reporting most of the true going’s-on around our nation and the world.

I can keep going, but won’t……

Arm yourselves….. with facts.

Arm yourselves….. with truth.

Arm yourselves….. with peace.

Kenny Solomon
Attempting honest conversation with a rabid liberal is like trying to repair a malfunctioning computer by yelling at it for being broken.