C.I.F.T.A. and the subjugation of The United States to a single-body world government.


I had a bit of a wake-up call and am about at the end of my proverbial rope.  I’m not ready to drop off the grid, but I’m damn close.

Sounds almost innocent, doesn’t it?  Like a Noo Yawk way of aerating baking flour.
What is C.I.F.T.A. you ask ?  Well, I’ve known of this diabolical monstrosity since 1998 – and went absolutely apesh** when I read through the documentation and saw that The USA was a signatory to the damn thing.   But I honestly thought it was over and done with here, long forgotten to the dustbin of “leave our country alone”.

Convencion Interamericana Contra la Fabricacion y El Trafico ilicitos de Armas de Fuego, Municiones, Explosivis, y Otros Materiales Relacionados. “The Inter-American Convention Against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives and Other Related Materials”.

Guess what: President Jihadist is VERY QUIETLY pushing for this treaty to be ratified VERY QUICKLY.

Simply put, C.I.F.T.A. is the complete elimination of The Second Amendment here in The USA, the elimination of your right to defend yourself with ANYTHING that could be considered a weapon (not just a firearm) and the real likelihood of international enforcement if a Nation/State refuses to comply.

Right about now, you’re saying, “Kenny, you’re insane, that’s crazy. Nobody who really cares about our nation would ever get involved with this.”
Harold Koh was brought into the current administration for a few reasons. C.I.F.T.A. is one of those reasons.
This is the link from the source….. The Organization Of American States……… http://www.oas.org/juridico/English/arms.htm  …… Full text of the treaty is there.   Like I said before, The USA is a signatory of the damn thing – signed on November 14th 1997.  Gee, I wonder who was in The White House then ?
The latest edition of America’s First Freedom has an article all about this insanity…… I have it scanned, but I’m not going to violate The NRA’s copyright and post it here on a public forum.  Join the NRA and get the magazine.

Here’s an example: Got a shotgun ?  If by some wild chance you’re even allowed to keep it under C.I.F.T.A. (ha !) and you want to put as little as a slip-on anti-recoil pad on the stock, you’ll need a Federal and/or C.I.F.T.A. Firearms License.  You would be altering the weapon beyond the manufacturer’s original as-built specifications and therefore need a firearms manufacturing license to do so.

Are you a reloader ?   Fuggedaboudit.

I kid you not.

The NRA article is beyond scary and should be a wake-up call to what is actually coming our way…… But I have a feeling that allot of people here don’t really seem to care about much beyond loving/hating Sarah Palin, beyatching about the media not being fair or totally on the Democrat’s side and other assorted sundry items like single-issue stuff that is NOT single-issue….. because it’s ALL connected…… WAKE UP !

I asked all this before and I’ll ask all of you again………….  I simply can’t take it anymore and I’m just being hones for what I see coming down the road very soon unless these people currently in office are stopped by every legal means possible as soon as possible.

And before you ask me what I’m ready to do when the proverbial ‘SHTF’……. I am ready and willing to give my life for everyone’s liberty, because as long as I’m breathing, I will not allow my country to fall to any enemy, especially our own government and our own citizens who think what’s going on is a good thing.

So then…………………

This is no longer about taxes.  This is no longer about money.  This is no longer about Universal Health Care, or Cap & Trade.   This is no longer about party politics.

This is about our rights, freedoms, liberty, our nation’s survival and yes, your very life and that of your family.

What if…………….
What will you do when you realize one or more of your basic rights as an American are about to be or already have been ignored and/or stripped away like 233-year-old paint on rotted wood ?….and it’s pretty evident that part of your right as an American to dissent and part of your right to privacy has already disappeared…. believe it.

What will you do when a 2010 Census-taker comes to your door ?    Did you know that The US Constitution requires nothing more than an “enumeration”……. From The Constitution of The United States of America……. “The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct.”   Based on your 4th Amendment Rights the government cannot ask you personal and/or private questions, like “How many guns do you have?”The Census is an enumeration of the population, broken out by State for representation seats in Congress.  Period. It would be a nice gesture though to also give the census-taker the breakout of male/female and ages, but you actually are not required to do even that.  Also, you are not required to allow any census-taker on your property.  If they trespass, ask them to meet you at the edge of your property and hold fast to your rights.
What will you do if your dollar will no longer be of fair value for purchases of any goods and services and the economy completely collapses in less than a minute ?  That’s coming the first instant the first game player says “No more US Debt or US Dollar buying and by the way, where’s my past investments ? – I want all of it – Now !”

What will you do if you’re unable to go to the grocery store because it’s a) too dangerous, b) empty of almost everything basic, c) literally on fire, or d) no longer physically there because it’s been destroyed by fellow citizens seeking food, or all of the above ?

What will you do if your voice no longer matters ?  What will you do if all media outlets are mandated to, or on their own simply decide to work in concert with the government for all information from – only the government and that source will not allow truth to emerge ?

What will you do knowing that all your conversations, e-mails and other communications are or may be being monitored and even censored, or stopped outright by a faceless entity beholden to the antithesis of freedom and individual liberty ?

What will you do if you’re being tracked (not for marketing either) through the chip in your driver’s license, your credit cards, your passport, a chip in your car’s computer (also through OnStar and other services).

Your cell phone has a GPS in it…. required by law believe it or not.  It can be accessed by law enforcement if need be for tracking locations of emergency victims – or accessed by your service provider or any government agency.  Civilian landline and cellphone networks can be shut down nationally or selectively by phone number at the single click of a track pad on a laptop tasked just for national emergency situations.  The entire internet for The USA is controlled at less than 15 locations and can be completely or selectively disabled at another click of a mouse.

What will you do if your tap water is no longer potable, or no longer flowing ?  Same goes for electricity and the means of communication ?  Do you really think any of that is not possible ?

What will you do when an entire group of people, basing their pure evil on religion, simultaneously invades multiple American ‘soft-target’ facilities in a ‘Mumbai-style’ attack and NOTHING was done to prevent it because existing laws/parameters were wiped away by this administration that thinks we can talk through anything, or worse, WANTS an attack to happen and even more dangerous than that, helps the attackers with their murderous tasks ?  There are approximately 1.3 billion peace-lovers around the world.  If just 5% of them are the crazies, that’s 65 million Jihadists.

What happens when that same group of peace-loving people pops off a heavy on Tel Aviv and more other cities in Israel ?  What do you mean Iran won’t have a nuke for 6 months?  Scenario: Russia, Pakistan and/or North Korea gives a weapon or two or more to Iran in exchange for oil or simply as a “good luck gift”.

Are you able to defend your home against invaders ?  I’m not talking just about invaders of the USA, I’m talking about OUR OWN COUNTRYMEN coming to your house at 3am and simply knocking down your door and trying to take you and your family prisoner or wanting to kill you outright because you simply believe in freedom and rights for everyone and express your beliefs in public.

What will you do if one or more of your neighbors disappear overnight ?…… You know the neighbors I’m talking about…… The ones with the same views as yours on rights, freedoms and liberties for everyone.

What will you do if one morning The United States Government no longer exists, because a United Nations body, comes in overnight and all done via a treaty you didn’t even know about, installs (for life) Obama as ruler-of-the-realm ?

What will you do if you see UN ‘blue helmets’ marching up Main Street and coming out of the sky riding parachutes (remember the movie Red Dawn) ?

Right now, at the first sign of any real trouble (and things are coming from multiple angles), Barack Hussein Obama is able to sign into law, multiple Executive Orders that will suspend The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights, including denying your individual right to defend your own life and property and the ability of your State, County and town to uphold rights.  That will be done “for the good of the country”.

What will you do if it all happens at one time….. One “man-caused disaster” happens and then all the evil ones realize we are totally open as a nation and all say “go go go” at the same time ?

But more important ….. What will you do RIGHT NOW because all but a very few elected and appointed officials of the country are either blind to what is happening, or are playing a willing part in the destruction of our nation, elimination of basic rights of a free people, subjugation of US sovereignty to an international governing body and an upcoming tyrannical rule of your family for generations ?

Take this as a vision……. I’ve said this before and have been called insane……… I’ll say it again because I mean every word of it……… The 2010 elections: Don’t count on them happening, even down to the local level and if the elections do occur, the outcome of every race for every office will be totally pre-determined by the current Federal administration, hell-bent on Totalitarian rule.

With all of that said and your probably thinking I’m completely over the edge, I’d really like to know one thing……. How in the world are Obama and the global Jihadists who own him and the sycophants who lick his feet going to try and seize firearms and countless other weapons like knives, crossbows, etc. from the approximately 86 million legal firearms owners (totaling approximately 323 million firearms alone) without tens of millions of law-abiding American citizens dead on the streets and in their homes (which may just be exactly what these pieces of Fascistic garbage want anyway) ?

There is a storm coming, the likes of which humanity has not witnessed and YOUR GOVERNMENT is facilitating it all.

The First and Second Amendments of The United States Constitution are in place for a reason.  I urge you to be at peace with yourself and protect your family and freedom at all costs.

Oh right.  I keep forgetting.  None of this can happen here.  Never mind I said anything.

In my entire existence, the thought of having to defend my freedom, let alone my life against my own countrymen was a complete joke.  I haven’t been laughing for a long time and I am willing to defend you.  Are you willing to defend you ?

By the way, if you think for one second that I’m advocating a violent uprising, you’re wrong.

Kenny Solomon
Locked and loaded in South Florida.
“Instant responders will beat first responders every time.”….. W. LaPierre, NRA.