Additional aid and munitions going to the Middle East ? Obama changed his mind about Israel ? Oh wait......

Obama is sending $150 Million in additional aid to……….. Where ?………… Take a wild guess.


In the latest in a recent series of increased American assistance efforts for Arab and Muslim states, U.S. President Barack Obama has allocated an additional $150 million to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Wow, that brings the total to $513 million for one year.  Half a Billion Dollars.  What exactly is it that Jordan does for the The USA and the world to deserve that kind of cash ?

But wait……. There’s more……….

The U.S. Has Sent 40 Tons of Munitions To Aid the Somali Government. What could go wrong ?


A spokesman for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, “”We do not want to see Somalia become a safe haven for foreign terrorists”.

So let me get this straight….. Not wanting to see Somalia as a haven for foreign terrorists, we’ll instead send some serious high-tech weaponry to the Somali Domestic Islamic Terrorists.


I understand now…… I get it….. Really, I do.

Giving Aid…….. The Enemy……. Hmmmmmmmmm.  I’ve heard those two terms used together somewhere before, but I’m not exactly positive on the source.

Oh well,…….. Back to your wall-to-wall coverage of a dead physically-altered-and-mutilated-by-his-own-choice, non-convicted for child molestation, popular singer-songwriter.

By now I’m guessing you can tell of some rather snarkified bitterness in my words.  Yes?  Good.  Award yourself a gold star.

Cheers !

Kenneth L Solomon
Typical, bitter, Jewish, God-clinging, gun owner and barking-mad insane NASCAR fan, locked and loaded in South Flori-duh.
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