A note to the MJM (Michael Jackson Media), especially Fox News............

Stop already with Michael Jackson and anything related.


I’m begging you.

This is NOT news worthy of 24/7 coverage to the point of even canceling repeat shows and infomercials.

News is hundreds of thousands (if not more) people in Iran rising up to literally stay alive and not be tortured because they wish to be free from tyranny.

News is something like this…….. http://americansheepdogs.com/?p=2859 Americans in West Chester Pennsylvania standing up for those in Iran who’s voices are being violently silenced.

News is a total lunatic leader of a nation with a distinct possibility of having nuclear weapons stating flatly that he intends to launch a missile towards Hawaii on or about 4 July and the lack of any action to stop it, other than playing hide-and-go-seek with a ship that may or may not be part of the ‘event’.

News is a “religion of peace” who’s sole goal is the subjugation and/or literal elimination of all non-believers, especially those like me….. Teh Eeeeeevil Jooooooooooos.

News is the millions of individual Americans in uniform acting as one in the defense of our rights, freedoms and liberties….. no matter how much we all know “their boss” despises them and for what they stand.

News is China calling for a new global reserve currency (Bet y’all didn’t know about that one, did ya?)……. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124616719675965215.html
News is our own government, completely out of control at all levels (even some States and municipalities) and the real probability of a complete economic collapse on the very near horizon, because………..

News is The Fed continuing to print money solely to buy our own nation’s debt….. It’s called “Monetizing” and it’s a death spiral that’s getting tighter in circumference and moving faster towards the infinity point.

And news that is more disturbing to me than anything is………………..That the markets didn’t completely collapse and the dollar didn’t become completely worthless the first time The Fed bought our own nation’s debt tells me we’re being gamed and played for complete suckers by globalist financial nation-killers watching and loving a slow bleed to hyper-inflation and “problems” on the streets of America.

News is NOT the untimely death of a physically-altered-and-mutilated-by-his-own-choice, non-convicted for child molestation, popular singer-songwriter.

Kenneth L Solomon
Typical, bitter, Jewish, God-clinging, gun owner and barking-mad insane NASCAR fan, locked and loaded in South Flori-duh.
Bing, biiiiing, biiiiiiiiiiing, Oy Vey …. It’s Ricochet Rabbi !!