Key Witness In Burris Investigation Killed In Auto Accident

Monday June 9th, a gentleman named John Ruff of Sandwich Illinois died when his car struck a tree on Rogers Road in Plano (Kendall County) Illinois.

Forty-two years old, a father of four, Mr. Ruff’s funeral was yesterday (Saturday).

There are so many things I want to say and can easily imply to this event, but I’ll let The Chicago Sun Times do allot of it for me, by your reading what they don’t say in the article linked here…….


Here’s just a little piece of the linked cover up article.

Deputy Kendall County Coroner Jacquie Marcellis told the Sun-Times that Ruff died of blunt head and chest trauma. No autopsy is planned.

Marcellis said that a friend of Ruff’s indicated to her that he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor, though it was unclear whether that had any bearing on the crash.


Single car accident.  No skid marks on the road surface.  No witnesses whatsoever.  No autopsy planned……..

I bet nobody with any technical knowledge of vehicles was then or will be allowed anywhere near the car to have a look at the brakes, steering or other control systems.  In fact, I’d bet dollars to donuts that the car has been crushed already.

Nah…… Nothing to see here……………..Hey, look…….. American Idol auditions are on……… The Bears signed Jake Cutler and he’s doing autograph signings all weekend……… The Cubs are in town…………. Ahhhhhh, it’s only one guy got killed, that’s too bad for his family………… There’s a sale at the mall, let’s go.

All other media in Chicago, or nationally (God forbid they care) — — — —.

Cheers !

Kenneth L Solomon
Locked and loaded in South Flori-duh.

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