Obama Motors And NASCAR - Cuts - Big Cuts.


In case you didn’t know by now, my signature is all real…… I’m a huge NASCAR fan.

It’s not nearly the most important thing going on in the world, but without question, most of this is going to appear on the surface to be and definitely taken as “gotcha politics” from Teh Mess-I-Yah to all of us NASCAR-lovin’ redneck hillbilly gun totin’ folk.

Here’s something from AP…… http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/C/CAR_NASCAR_GM_CUTBACKS

OK, that’s fine – everybody and I mean everybody knew something was coming…..  But on the Nationwide Series race broadcast earlier tonight, the announcers confirmed that GM/Chevy is going to, within weeks or sooner, completely eliminate all support, (direct financial sponsorship and all tech support) from The Camping World Truck Series and The Nationwide Series… and a severe cutback from the main Sprint Cup Series (at least 35% there, maybe more, or all of it too).

I checked around and they went further…… All lower-level series GM has tied into NASCAR like ARCA and all other racing formats are completely out as well…… gone.

The next step will be for Obama to order closed the two factories producing the racing engines and other parts within “x” number of days/weeks/months.  That will effectively kill GM in racing as a whole and take a big chunk of the sport with it around the country.

Thing is, GM used the racing division as a big part of their main R&D network for aerodynamics, transmissions and engines.  It was also profitable.  Very much so.

NASCAR can survive – I know that.  Ford is still a viable company and heavy into the marketing aspect and that it works….. Toyota is huge too.  Even though Fiat is big into racing, nobody knows yet what Fiat will do with the Dodge entries to NASCAR and the other racing series Dosge is involved with.

Just thought you’d like to know.

Cheers !

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