I took a little break.


For the past three weeks, I checked out of reality.

Went to a music festival in Pennsylvania, took a few days off at home on the golf course and then last weekend, my business partner’s three daughters celebrated their Bat Mizvah’s together and I was honored to be there up in Noo Yawk Sit-tay.  I even wore a suit and tie for the occasion.   Wink

No TV or other media for the entire time other than watching NASCAR, a bit of golf from TPC Sawgrass and one or two looks in on pretty much the only TV show I watch on a regular basis – Dirty Jobs.  Didn’t check a single news or political website even once.

For the first time in a bit over two years, I didn’t think about anything, except relaxing.

It worked too well.

I’m back home now and the world is still here, but our country is fast becoming a shell of what I remember from only three weeks previous.

Does our Constitution and the rule of law mean anything anymore ?

Does anybody care that basic privacy and property rights are being willfully ignored by the Federal government and local law enforcement ?  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look into the goings on in Pennsylvania – eminent domain…… and Wisconsin – 24/7 GPS tracking of an individual without warrants – a dirtbag yes, but still no warrants and he’s an American citizen.)

The Federal Government is ordering to be immediately terminated, a few thousand contracts between auto dealerships/service centers and Chrysler and General Motors….. THESE DEALERSHIPS AND SERVICE CENTERS ARE PRIVATE BUSINESSES, not owned by those two corporations.  The adjunct businesses affected by this are too numerous to list.  There is a measurable percentage of our nation’s economy that will be altered negatively (and possibly permanently) by this single tyrannical Fascistic move.

…..and the overwhelming majority of the media is playing into it all, aiding and abetting and worse yet, not even remotely reporting what is actually occurring with YOUR freedom.

What and when will be the tipping point for real revolution ?…….. I pray that it is non-violent in all aspects……… Because if it isn’t soon, the after-midnight knocks at your door are on the very near horizon.

I’m not about to allow myself to go back to the tension-filled days and nights from three weeks ago.

Personally, I’m gonna find and support on the local, county and state level, a few prospective candidates who don’t have an “R” or a “D” after their name….. I’m looking for the “A” as in American and I’m gonna stay on a totally positive tilt in helping these folks in any way I can.

Defending and ensuring The Constitution and our nation’s rule of law are what matter to me.  Anybody in office now or running for a slot who doesn’t realize those two simple principles are what everything is based on, better get out of the way or they’re not gonna know what hit them verbally in person and in the media.

I’m also gonna go to the range and other practice/training facilities…… allot.

There’s real evil descending on our nation and each one of us….. things that already have assaulted our individual and as-a-people liberties and freedoms.  Some of that evil is sanctioned by our own Federal government and the current administration and media in the form of “associate agencies” like ACORN and The SEIU and their willful usurpation and ignoring of existing laws and rights.

I implore everyone to stop centering on one or two single-issue items.  Everything is interconnected and leads to one thing: A mass power grab for tyrannical rule by simply evil-intended people.

Talk atcha soon.

Cheers !

Kenneth L Solomon
Typical, Bitter, Jewish, God-Clinging, Gun Owner and Barking Mad Insane NASCAR Fan.
Per DHS findings, that officially makes me a Right-Wing Extremist…… and I’M DAMN PROUD OF IT !!
Obama doesn’t have a soul or conscience.  He’s powered by an engine fueled with burning pieces of The Constitution, The Bill Of Rights and YOUR freedom.