People said I was crazy... insane... paranoid....... That was December 2008.

Fast forward to April 2009 (4 months plus a bit)…………. Is the Swine Flu outbreak the crisis that’s too good to waste ?

What happens if this really does break loose ?

Here’s a blog of mine from 21 December 2008….. word for word.  No edits.  No changes whatsoever.

The one thing I didn’t take into account is some sort of “natural” emergency.  But allot of my thoughts can be extrapolated to what may possibly occur VERY SOON (read that as meaning in  DAYS).

Here goes…………………….


It’s about time somebody thinking this actually says it…….

I hope to God I’m wrong…… But if I’m not……………

I haven’t written much of late, mainly because until very recently, I haven’t been able to fully come to grips with what is heading our way as a nation.

I’ll say this up front:  No, I am not paranoid.  No, I do not wear a tin-foil hat.  However, there is a perfect storm more than halfway through forming and when it strikes in force, there will be extreme difficulties in avoiding it’s wrath or turning it back for at least one full generation, if not several.

The downfall of our nation is being quickly brought on by both sides of the political spectrum, with all individual liberty and freedoms of Americans at stake.  Most everybody I see, meet and talk with are concentrating on their own world and jabbering about little things and a few mid-level problems – that they think will all be solved by government.

Radio host and self-described ‘rodeo clown’ Glenn Beck has been spot on about EVERYTHING he’s predicted over the past five or six years, save for one item: He sincerely believed that the population of the USA wouldn’t be so suicidal as to elect a Marxist to the presidency and accept all that comes with him.

Now, I have some questions to ask of you:

What will you do when you realize one or more of your basic rights as an American are about to be or already have been stripped ?  I’m assuming something here in that you know your rights under The Constitution, Bill Of Rights/Amendments, along with your State and local charters and laws.

What will you do if your dollar will no longer be of fair value for purchases of any goods and services ?

What will you do if you’re unable to go to the grocery store because it’s a) too dangerous, b) empty of almost everything basic, c) on fire, or d) no longer there ?

What will you do if your voice no longer matters ?  What will you do if all media outlets are mandated to get their information from only one source and that source will not allow truth to emerge ?

What will you do knowing that all your conversations, e-mails and other communications are being monitored and even censored by a faceless entity beholden to the antithesis of freedom and dissent ?

What will you do when an entire race of people, basing their evil on religion, simultaneously invade multiple American ‘soft-target’ facilities in a ‘Mumbai-style’ attack and NOTHING was done to prevent it because existing laws/parameters were wiped away by a new administration that thinks we can talk through anything ?

When, not if, but WHEN the merde encounters the ventillateur, are you able to defend your home against invaders ?  I’m not talking about invaders of the USA, I’m talking about your house.

At the first sign of real trouble (and it’s coming from multiple angles), Barack Hussein Obama will be able to sign into law, multiple Executive Orders that will suspend parts or all of The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights, including your individual right to defend your own life and property and the ability of your State to grant rights.  That will be done “for the good of the country”.

The First and Second Amendments are in place for a reason.  I urge you to be at peace with yourself and protect your family and freedom at all costs.

But more important ….. What will you do RIGHT NOW because all but a very few elected and appointed officials of the country are sitting idly by or worse, are playing a willing part in the Socialization of our country, elimination of basic rights of a free people, subjugation of US sovereignty to an international governing body and an upcoming tyrannical rule of your family ?

In my entire existence, the thought of having to defend my freedom, let alone my very life against my own countrymen was a complete joke.  I am no longer laughing.


Like I said at the beginning…….. you can extrapolate the current outbreak to be the cause of this “crisis too good to waste”.

Kenneth L Solomon

Kenneth L Solomon
Typical, Bitter, Jewish, God-Clinging, Gun Owner and Barking Mad Insane NASCAR Fan
Per DHS findings, that officially makes me a Right-Wing Extremist…… and I’M DAMN PROUD OF IT !!
Obama doesn’t have a soul or conscience.  He’s powered by an engine fueled with burning pieces of The Constitution, The Bill Of Rights and YOUR freedom.