A letter mailed to Sen. McConnell, Sen. Kyl, Rep. Boehner, Rep. Cantor and Mr. Steele.

Early this afternoon, the day’s mail arrived and within the bundle was the latest survey from The National Republican Congressional Committee.   This time, the survey was broken out by House District (mine being FL-23).

Of course, the usual begging for money was at the forefront and throughout, plus the unmitigated gall of NRCC Chair Congressman Sessions’ cover letter implying that it’s only the Democrats ignoring the will of the people.

The survey itself focuses on what are now “little things” like single-issue items, etc.

To say “I kind of lost it” is somewhat accurate.   Truthfully, I went bat-guano ballistic.

After getting my home ready for the evening’s “everything electric goes on full blast” festivities, I penned and mailed a letter (run out below) to the Republican Party leadership in The House, Senate and RNC.   I’ve also mailed copies to a few people who the mainstream media thinks lead the party…. Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Beck, Mr. O’Reilly, Ms. Ingraham, Ms. Malkin, etc.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough.

Cheers !

Kenneth L Solomon
Typical, Bitter, Jewish, God-Clinging, Gun Owner and Barking Mad Insane NASCAR Fan.
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Mr. Michael Steele, Chairman
Republican National Committee
310 First Street
Washington, D. C. 20003-1885

Mr. Steele:

Apologies for the length of this letter, as I honestly tried to keep things short and to the point.  I have a really novel idea.  However, please stop me if you’ve heard it before.

How about EVERY person seeking elected office or a position in any level of government takes a vow RIGHT NOW to defend and protect The Constitution Of The United States Of America as it is written and not help destroy things like what’s been going on.   Quite honestly, nothing less is acceptable.

As for the folks currently in office………… We’ve got your number and you’ll all be out on the street if you don’t WAKE UP and smell the real anger and rage for the damage that’s been done to our country and the unmitigated disaster that is quite probably to come over the short-term event horizon.

You who were elected work for us…… You who were appointed and/or hired by and for elected officials work for us.   Do you understand that even remotely ?   This is not a game.   Our rights, freedom and liberty are not things to be toyed with, nor will they be allowed to be usurped or eliminated by anyone, especially by those from within our own country.

To everyone in DC, State, County and Local government…… I and tens of millions like me are quite honestly sick and tired of trying to remain calm, respectful and all the rest when it comes to our beloved nation.   Our tipping point is getting closer every day.

We don’t really care anymore about the “R” after anyone’s name and we definitely want every single one of the “D” people to be gone at all levels regarding our country’s governance.   As far as we’re concerned, you’re all targets of political opportunity, with the overwhelming majority needing to be thrown out of office and positions as soon as possible unless you realize and act on what is truly at stake.  It is no longer a matter of Right vs. Left.   We are at the crossroads of retaining the rule of law and individual rights vs. evil and tyranny.

What we care about before and/or after a person’s name is the “A”………as in American.

American ideals…… American freedoms…… American liberties…… American rights.

No compromise whatsoever with tyranny.   No trying to get the folks on the other side to like you.  HOW DARE YOU !   We are a sovereign nation and a free people !   Is that clear enough ?

Now it’s time for you go to work on the usual suspects….. The rest of us already are there, even though you don’t even try to notice us.

One more thing…… and this has literally catastrophic and deadly consequences for all Americans and our nation…… Pray…… really pray that the majority of the G-20 countries do not decide at the upcoming meeting, or some time thereafter as a group or some on their own, to say “enough” and unpeg from our dollar because of borderline criminal actions by a few people currently in top political and power-broker positions.

P.S.: Regarding polls and surveys…… You cannot quantify freedom, liberty and individual rights.  Don’t even try.   Just fight for our nation and her people.

Thank you for your time.

Kenneth L Solomon
Pembroke Pines, Florida