Hey President Obama: You haven't made the car payments, so the Saturn is being repo'd !


St. Petersburg woman who painted Obama slogans on her car lost job, faces repossession.

ST. PETERSBURG — Jennifer Stone-Anderson says her 2004 Saturn Ion became a work of art this fall when she covered it with elaborate paintings supporting Barack Obama.

But Chrysler, which financed the purchase, maintains that it’s just a car. And that Stone-Anderson has been missing payments. And that her work of “art” is about to be repossessed.


While I feel for Ms. Stone-Anderson losing her job, it may be time for her to grow up…. just a little…. and take some real action to move forward to bigger and better things.

I also “hope” the “change” in her life won’t sour Ms. Stone-Anderson on her hero when she realizes he’s just a mortal man with very bad ideas for America.

More than likely though, Oprah or some other left-wing lunatic will hear about her plight and simply make the car payments for this woman.  Of course, she and countless others will then keep on expecting somebody else to pick up their tab for everything.

Consider this an open thread on personal responsibility vs. the nanny-state mindset held by many of “The 52”.

Cheers !

Kenneth L Solomon
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