Hey Israel: You Do Realize You're On Your Own, Right ?

My stars, isn’t it a lovely day to toss an ally under the bus ?

Haven’t done this in a while, so here’s some links to news stories….. not the blog kind, but real news from real sources.  Why do I have a feeling most people in The USA haven’t heard about most if not all of these ?  By the way, it took less than 10 minutes to find these (most are from non-USA sources).

I’m just waiting for ‘the big one’ when Obama announces a severe reduction or outright cut to most aid to Israel.  He’ll say something to this effect………. that we can’t afford it as a country to support Israel at the financial level we do now.  However, all the money going to The UN not only will continue, but will increase.
Hopefully, you’ll take the time to read most of these and look through the links.

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Clinton: U.S. To be ‘Vigorously Engaged’ in Creating PA State.

(Israel National News)  Visiting United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced Tuesday that the United States would be “vigorously engaged” in the creation of a Palestinian Authority state. “There is no time to waste,” she added.

Clinton met with Prime Minister-designate Binyamin Netanyahu, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Tuesday. Both Netanyahu and Livni expressed satisfaction with the meetings, and said Clinton showed an understanding of Israel and America’s “common goals.”


US: ‘Inescapable’ movement to Palestinian state

JERUSALEM – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised Tuesday to work with the incoming Israeli government, but delivered a clear message that could put her at odds with the country’s next leader: Movement toward the establishment of a Palestinian state is “inescapable.”

Clinton also said the U.S. would soon send two envoys to Syria. It was the most significant sign yet that the Obama administration is ready to mend relations with the Damascus regime. The U.S. withdrew its ambassador in 2005, accusing Syria of supporting terrorism.

“We have no way to predict what the future with our relations concerning Syria might be,” Clinton said. “There has to be some perceived benefit of doing so for the United States and our allies and our shared values. But I think it is a worthwhile effort to go and begin these preliminary conversations.”

In Damascus, the U.S. Embassy announced that Jeffrey Feltman, the State Department’s top diplomat for the Middle East, would lead the American delegation headed to the Syrian capital.


Learning to Live With Radical Islam

“We don’t have to accept the stoning of criminals. But it’s time to stop treating all Islamists as potential terrorists.”


From The Sofia Bulgaria News Agency
Numerous Southern Villages Are Converted to Islam by Force

Despite Bulgaria’s European Union membership, some regions of the country need a second liberation from Ottoman yoke, the Bulgarian Member of the Parliament (MP), Yane Yanev, stated, cited by the Bulgarian news agency, BGNES.

Yanev, who is the leader of the opposition “Order, Law, Justice” Party (RZS) spoke Monday in Blagoevgrad as reported by the local BGNES correspondent.

The leaders of RZS visited Monday several villages in Southern Bulgaria to meet with alarmed teachers and parents, who have presented concrete evidence of the imposed conversion to fundamentalist Islam in the region.


Muslimske jenter uten hijab får juling………….. Muslim girls beaten for not wearing the hijab

From Aftenposten – THE news source of Norway (My note: I read this newspaper daily)

Translation (about half of the article here):

Muslim girls who don’t  wear the hijab all the time are beaten, says Gerd Fleischer, of Self-Help for Immigrants and Refugees (Seif).

“In my office, women cried brave tears over having to go with a hijab.  Countless young women despairingly told me that they don’t have the hijab on all the time, they’ll get a beating.”

“These don’t dare appear in the public debate,” Fleischer told Vårt Land.

She’s upset that young Muslim women say they are free to choose if they want to go with a hijab.

She says that the proud educated women who appear with the hijab, know too that their sisters are coerced.  But they speak little of it.  Fleischer says it should be part of their women’s liberation to also support them.  The coercion many women experience, is barely mentioned as an aside.

She says young girls have to move to other places in the country and live in secret addresses, also because they don’t want to go with a hijab.

“Parents often beat their daughters into obedience and virtue and the hijab as a rule constitutes part of the control,” says Fleischer.

She agree with Progress Party (Frp) head Siv Jensen that the women’s movement of the left in Norway doesn’t care about non-Western women.


$900 Million of OUR money going to Gaza just became $4.4 Billion when combined with other nations

Best line in the article: “………………the need to reconstruct Gaza is Gaza’s own doing – the direct consequence of the penchant for terror displayed by the governing Hamas and other like-minded groups, of their insistent practice of targeting Israeli civilians in the Western Negev for over eight years with assorted rocketry. Just two days ago, an upgraded Kassam missile slammed into an Ashkelon school.”


United States Opens Up Syrian Track

(Israel National News)  The United States is sending two officials to Damascus as the Obama government continues to change the Bush administration policy of isolating countries that support terrorism, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced at a press conference in Jerusalem Tuesday.

“There are a number of issues that we have between Syria and the United States, as well as the larger regional issues that Syria obviously poses,” Secretary Clinton stated after meeting with Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni.

“We have no way to predict what the future with our relations concerning Syria might be” but added, “We don’t engage in discussions for the sake of having a conversation.” The two-man delegation to Syria will comprise one person from the White House and one from the State Department.


Iran Calls for Arrests of Olmert, Livni, Barak, and Others

(Israel National News)  Tehran’s top prosecutor is calling for the arrest of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, and 12 other Israeli leaders on charges of war crimes related to Israel’s recent war against Hamas jihadists in Gaza, according to CNN.

Prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi called on Interpol to arrest the “war criminals” Iran says violated international law during the recent war, according to Iranian news agency ISNA.  Another 100 Israelis are also being called “war criminals” by Iran, who says the Jews are under investigation.


Explosives bound for Gaza seized.

(Israel National News)  Egyptian officials announced Monday that police had seized 450 kilograms of explosives near Gaza. The explosives were apparently going to be smuggled to Gaza terrorists.

Egyptian police have located dozens of large caches of explosives in the Sinai Peninsula over the past several months, but Israeli defense officials have warned that an even greater quantity of explosives and other weapons are successfully smuggled into Gaza. Egyptian authorities argue that they need more troops in the area in order to end weapons smuggling. Any increase in troops in the Sinai requires Israel’s approval.


From the CAIR website……… A press release.

CAIR Elects N.C. State Senator Larry Shaw as Board Chair
New chairman looks forward to ‘partnering’ with administration on defending civil rights, improving America’s image

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 3/3/09) – The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s leading Muslim civil rights and advocacy group, announced today that it has elected North Carolina State Senator Larry Shaw as its new board chairman.

CAIR’s new chairman said he looks forward to “partnering” with the Obama administration to protect civil liberties and to help improve America’s international image.

Shaw is a long-standing member of the North Carolina Senate General Assembly and a former member of the North Carolina House of Representatives General Assembly. He also serves as the chairman of the Transportation Committee and vice-chairman of the Finance Committee. Shaw was the country’s highest-ranking Muslim elected official before the election of Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) in 2006. Prior to becoming a public official, Shaw gained extensive business experience in the food service industry. He has served on CAIR’s national board for three years.

In September of 2003, the six-term legislator was elected as vice-chairman of the North Carolina Legislative Black Caucus of the state’s general assembly.

“This is a critical time in our nation’s history, a time that requires change and renewal,” said CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad. “I welcome Senator Shaw as CAIR’s new chairman and believe he will be a key player in broadening the dialogue on issues of importance to our nation, from civil rights to political participation and interfaith relations.”