Eric Holder: Re-institute Ban On "Assault Weapons".

Got a call from a buddy of mine a few minutes ago – said to put on (oh God no) CNN.  There was a story coming on that he thinks I might be interested in seeing.

Yeah, you could say that I was interested.

Lou Dobbs (the only sane person at CNN) ran video of Eric Holder talking about re-instituting the ban on assault weapons in The USA – to benefit MEXICO.

This press conference stems from arrests of over 750 Mexican drug cartel pieces of human garbage today………

From AP via ABC…… http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=news/national_world&id=6678860

At a press conference announcing the arrests, Holder also suggested that re-instituting a U.S. ban on the sale of assault weapons would help reduce the bloodshed in Mexico, where last year 6,000 people were killed in drug-related violence.

U.S. officials have a responsibility to make sure Mexican police “are not fighting substantial numbers of weapons, or fighting against AK-47’s or other similar kinds of weapons that have been flowing to Mexico,” Holder said.

This man and the rest of the un-American and anti-American people in power need to be legally stopped in their tracks before they incite an armed insurrection that will get thousands upon thousands of Americans jailed and/or killed.

Fox News:  This story doesn’t mention the gun ban thingy.  http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,500305,00.html
I’m still searching online for the video —- if anybody finds it, PLEASE link it here.

By the way, if you don’t know this……. To Eric Holder, any semi-automatic firearm, or “military type firearm, including pump shotguns and any firearm with over a 5 round magazine or internal capacity are “assault weapons”.