Obama Repeals Executive Order 13202 - Oh goody, here come the unions.

Associated Builders and Contractors Denounces Executive Order That Discriminates Against 84% Of Construction Workforce


WASHINGTON, Feb. 6 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) today denounced an Executive Order signed by President Obama that repeals Executive Order 13202, that prohibited federal agencies and recipients of federal funding from requiring contractors to sign union-only project labor agreements (PLAs) as a condition of performing work on federal and federally funded construction projects.

“Today’s decision to repeal Executive Order 13202 opens the door to waste and discrimination in federal and federally funded construction contracts,” said ABC President and CEO Kirk Pickerel. “This action removes the safeguards that prohibited discrimination based upon union affiliation in the awarding of federal contracts.

So absent the as-of-yet not legislated card check, Teh Mess-I-Yah simply “stroked his pen” and said “union only on any level of Federally funded construction projects”.



Somebody tell me I’m dreaming all this…. please.

That means all the schools we work on are verboten iff vee haff not signed zee papers.  Every public school here in Flori-duh receives Federal dollars for operations and all construction projects.

I’m guessing that on Monday by lunchtime  I’ll be out of work.

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