Hugo Obama - Mahamoud Chavez - Barack Ahamenijad..... What's the difference ?

Obama and Chavez to meet in Trinidad in April

By Oscar Ramjeet
Caribbean Net News Special Correspondent

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad:
United States President, Barack Obama will have a face-to-face meeting with his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez in April in Port of Spain, when the two leaders will be among three dozen heads of government and state at the three day Summit of the Americas.

This information was confirmed by Summit Secretariat Communications Co-ordinator, Felipe Noguera.

Top of the agenda of the Summit will be burning energy issues in which both the United States and Venezuela have a keen interest.


Weeeeeeeellllllllll, isn’t that special !  I wonder who set up this meeting………. Could it be…… SATAN ?!?


I was gonna snark out on this allot more, but something else hit me and I got REALLY serious, so here goes………… Gonna start in one directon, then swing off to another…………..

When I first joined RedState just about 5 months ago, I was way more than a newbie to this whole blogging thing.  I was a stone-cold blogging virgin with less than zero knowledge of protocol and a lower level than that of understanding html.  Now I’m still that way, but with a modicum of semi-experience.

In fact, I corked off some people with my first-ever blog.  I didn’t really care about doing so then, nor now or in the future, because I was honest then and always am that way.  I can also get REALLY snarky, especially when I’m angry – it’s a good way for me to let off some steam.

So here’s some more honesty and if I’m off-base and not respectful, y’all go and delete this and have Moe hit me with that trademarked Blam Stick.

If President Obama thinks he can sweet-talk violent religious zealots and other assorted and sundry dictators into even remotely liking The USA and Americans, he needs a check-up from the neck up.

Better yet, he needs to be hauled in front of a live TV camera, sat in a chair, hooked into a state-of-the-art polygraph machine, sworn to iterate the actual cross-my-heart truth and have straight answers demanded of him as to just what in the name of God he’s doing with our country, our Constitution and our sovereignty.

If our current President thinks he can verbally wish or strong-arm people with frendship and all they want is to is destroy us, then he hasn’t the slightest idea how much they’re all laughing at him – some to his face through their own media.

President Obama and the people he’s surrounded himself with are flat-out dangerous to liberty, freedom, individual rights and the future existence of our country – and I’m not gonna take those words softer and I may get a tad ‘edgier’.

A flake like Joe Biden can’t hold a candle to the real Socialists/Communists being appointed and confirmed.  The worst though, are all the no-confirm, or pass-through people that get offered a position, say yes and they’re in.  Samantha Power comes to mind right away.  The unknown bureaucrat wankers who are not held accountable for what they do are even scarier just because they’re unknown and not accountable to the electorate.

Our friends on the left are doing everything they can – allot of it right out there in the open and allot also quite stealthily – to enchain and imprison to government reliance as many Americans as possible – and the dancing lemmings shall not know of their fate until the last step off the high cliff.

If Americans do not begin to understand what is coming at them simultaneously from different directions, in the form of the seen and unseen forces generating our financial and societal collapse, then when it starts going heavy,I sincerely “hope” these fools get out of the way of all this “change” so it doesn’t steamroll them into literal dust when Americans are forced to defend our way of life and our lives themselves.

Am I some sort of alarmist with all this ?  Maybe.  But did you know as of last week, China will no longer purchase our country’s long-term debt and The Federal Reserve is buying what long-term is being tossed out there on the market ?

Mr. Cianfrocca……. If you haven’t already, please let the good folks know what that means, ok ?  I can’t explain the reasoningsof it all.  but I can verbally lay out an image of a speeding and tightening spiral to a black hole as well as anybody and I think I can put the long-term debt situation in sort of plain language as “we’re now buying our own debt for producing nothing other than debt”.

It’s places like RedState and brick-and-mortar shops like The Heritage Foundation and people like Glenn Beck, Rush, Michelle and the rest who have the outlets to get the word out to anyone who will make an attempt to listen even with a partially open mind.  Nobody’s spot-on about everything, but we’re hovering right around that ‘almost always correct 98.9% of the time’ level of operations.

We have some elected folks contribute on RedState and I have a feeling many more read the diaries and comments than are willing to let on.  To you then I beg….. Please do not be invisible on anyissue.  Stand up !  Let your voices be heard or all our voices may go silent by imposed fiat of tyrants-in-waiting from our own government.  You support us, we support you – that’s the deal and we’ll be right there beside you.

Kenneth L Solomon
Typical, Bitter, Jewish, God-Clinging, Small-Thinking, Prejudicial, Bigoted, Gun Owner and Barking Mad Insane NASCAR Fan.
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