Your Congress At Work, A Listing Of Introduced Legislation (27 January)


1. January 27 2009 had a combined 52 pieces of legislation officially introduced to Congress.  These 52 are listed here with Legislation number, Title, Sponsor and Number of Co-Sponsors.

2. The more co-sponsors a piece of legislation has attached, the more likely it is to come up for vote in the full House and/or Senate.

3. Thomas.gov is usually 12-24 hours lagged for listings – Resolutions, Bills, Amendments and links to the full text of each piece of legislation as per official Congressional documents from the Thomas website and other sources like the GPO.  Hence the listing of yesterday’s legislation (today’s is not yet available.).

As of this posting, the following totals of legislation in the form of Bills, Amendments and Resolutions, have been officially introduced to The 111th Congress:

House Concurrent Resolutions – 28
House Resolutions – 95
House Joint Resolutions – 19
House Bills – 733
House Amendments – 11
Senate Concurrent Resolutions – 2
Senate Resolutions – 23
Senate Joint Resolutions – 6
Senate Bills – 336


If any introduced legislation here really grabs your interest, it would be fantastic if you would put up a well-written, thoughtful diary on the subject for all to comment.  Anyone wishing to comment on anything within this diary, please go ahead, but my goal is simply to help everyone at RedState to stay informed.

I may have added a snarky comment on some parts of the list.  😉

Cheers !

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