Your Congress At Work, A Listing Of Today's Introduced Legislation (An Experiment).


If I may be so bold, I’d like to offer this type of diary and myself as conduit for posting to RedState the introduced-to-Congress legislation.  If Erick and the rest of the head honchos here at RedState say yes, I’ll go for this on a daily basis with the previous day’s usurpation, errrrrrrr, subjugation, ummmmm….. I meant legislation (Yeah….. that’s the ticket !) presented in The House and Senate.

I got the idea for this from one of my postings last night on the open thread – a few pieces of introduced stupidity, errrrrrrr, legislation (why can’t I get that word?).

I think this may be a good way for all of us to stay informed of who’s trying to do what with our money, freedoms, liberties and rights.  Truthfully, I leaned allot from just doing the deed last night and allot of what’s coming down is scary as all get-out.

After today, if this flies with approval from Erick and the folks, I’ll run up a daily list official legislation and may allow my alter-ego snarkaholic out to play for a comment or two on some of the pieces.  If anything rears it’s ugly head during the day, I can possibly do the odd ‘drive-by posting’, as I am now the proud owner of a Crackberry and I’ve learned how to use the monster.

If any introduced legislation here really grabs your interest, it would be fantastic if you would put up a well-written, thoughtful diary on the subject for all to comment.  Anyone wishing to comment on anything within this diary, please go ahead, but my goal is simply to help everyone at RedState to stay informed.


1. January 26 2009 had a combined 55 pieces of legislation officially introduced to Congress.  These 55 are listed here with Legislation number, Title, Sponsor and Number of Co-Sponsors.  I may have added a snarky comment on some pieces of the list.  😉

2. The more co-sponsors a piece of legislation has attached, the more likely it is to come up for vote in the full House and/or Senate.

3. Thomas.gov is usually 12 hours lagged for listings – Resolutions, Bills and Amendments and links to the full text of the legislation as per official Congressional documents from the Thomas website and other sources like the GPO.  Hence the listing of yesterday’s legislation (today’s is not yet available.).

4.  What you see just below here in the Comments Section is pretty much what the actual diary would look like on a daily basis (today’s having 55 items).  Depending on how much damage our Congress folks want to inflict, some days will have more or less listings than others.

Cheers !

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