It's On..... Sharia Banking In The USA...... Michigan now..... where next ?

I heard about this story on Rush’s show today and wasn’t surprised about any reaction he would or wouldn’t get because honestly, very few people seem to really give a rat’s arse that the Muslim world is starting to take over our country – you know, like they’ve already done with most of Europe and The UK.

The Minister Of Justice in UK Parliment is a Muslim.  He was born in UK and apparently may be the only moderate anywhere within the entire British Isles.  Think I’m kidding?  Look it up.  His name is Shahid Malik.

Anyway, the article we’re dealing with here is about The University Islamic Financial Corp. in Ann Arbor Michigan.  To me, the article seems to openly promote the positive aspects of giving in to Muslim financial laws.

Two things that jumped out at me from the article: Convert to Islam so your financial crisis will be over and I have a feeling that this isn’t the only bank operating this way.

From the article…………… Islamic law says money cannot grow by itself, the way it does with compounding interest. Trade is acceptable as long as the equal amounts of money are traded or two different things are swapped with a fairly negotiated price.


I don’t have anything to add because the whole respectful/banned deal would rear it’s head again.  Yes, I’m on an edge about the overall Muslim/Islam thing, because it’s going to break wide open sooner than later.

Cheers !

Kenneth L Solomon
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