Wake-up call........ Fantastic column by a teacher here in South Florida.

Since I work in the same school system as a contractor, I’m going to make it my business to find this gent and shake his hand.


Wake Up Call
By Dr. David Lazerson

“Mumbai teaches us that the hour is late, but not too late to stop this madness. The world cannot afford the luxury of simply waiting to respond to each individual act of terrorism as they arise. We cannot even fathom the horror of terrorists with nuclear weapons. Now is time to be proactive, not reactive. Militant Islam, not unlike the philosophy of Nazism, must be defeated by direct and precise military action.”

Git-R-Done, Doc.

Cheers !

Kenneth L Solomon…………Typical Bitter Jewish God-Clinging Gun Owner And Barking Mad Insane NASCAR Fan……………Please support the Jamie McMurray Foundation For Autism Speaks.