Good News: Russia to complete Iran nuclear plant in 2009.

Happy days are here again.

Russia to complete Iran nuclear plant in 2009

The last line of the two-page article: “Russian and U.S. officials point to cooperation over Iran as an area where Moscow and Washington have been able to work together despite a general cooling of ties.”

Here’s the skinny: The Germans (through The Siemens Corporation) couldn’t keep productivity and material on track to help destroy Israel in the time frame Iran wants, so our boy Putin takes over.

Hey Barry, your Blackkberry is ringing ……there’s a text coming in ……..it’s from Hill …….. Medvedev asked her to ask you what brand of pen you want to use for the surrender documents that’ll be on your desk the hour after your inauguration.

I’m gonna leave now to take my mom over to see my dad so we can have a piece of a Thanksgiving Day together as a family. We just had to put him in a nursing home.

Then, when I get back here later, I’m going to pen some sort of “Citizens Arrest” document charging the US Government with treason and maybe we can get some of this insanity to stop.

We need real leaders who deeply believe in our country, The Constitution and Bill Of Rights, not a Marxist Corned Beef and Crackberry addict, along with his power-mad illuminati who just want to strip our rights, talk, talk, talk and try to get other people to love us.