When Going Green Causes Pink Slips

Most people may not know this, but The Weather Channel was bought in early 2008 by General Electric for it’s NBC/Universal subsidiary.

Since TWC is a Cable TV/Satellite outlet, they let the MSNBC maniacs run the place as an add-on to the service………. The sale was completed in early September and literally all programming immediately went left/green/global warming. Even local forecast advert inserts were all connected to the climate change stupidity.

Fast forward to yesterday’s Washington Post……….. NBC Fires Weather Channel Environmental Unit

21 November 2008 – Atlanta GeorgiaNBC Universal made the first of potentially several rounds of staffing cuts at The Weather Channel (TWC) on Wednesday, axing the entire staff of the “Forecast Earth” environmental program during the middle of NBC’s “Green Week,” as well as several on-camera meteorologists. The layoffs totaled about 10 percent of the workforce, and are among the first major changes made since NBC completed its purchase of the venerable weather network in September.


At this time, a modicum of snark is definitely on tap.

Asked for comment, former vice-president and moonbat squeezebox impersonator Algore simply broke down and sobbed incoherently, repeatedly muttering “It’s all Bush’s fault” and then added, “Doesn’t MSNBC realize we’re all in this together and money doesn’t matter as long as we get our way?”.


Serious time:

I live in South Florida, a.k.a. ‘hurricane central’ and used to rely on The Weather Channel for information and of course, watching the one and only Jim Cantore doing remotes outside in the middle of a Cat 5.

When the sale to G.E. was announced back in April, I realized right then and there that The Weather Channel was dead to me at that moment and I’d better find another really good, apolitical outlet for knowing what’s what live-time in the weather world.

I now rely on (gasp!) The United States Government’s own system, The National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration, The National Weather Service and headquartered about a 30 minute drive from my home, The National Hurricane Center.

I get real-time looping radar, visible and I-R satellite views, all the new technology displays, beta-testing on even newer tech and the best part, a complete no b.s. discourse on weather that could do some damage where I live.

There’s also no advertising on any of the websites or the NOAA/NWS radio stations.

Cheers !

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