Happy World Toilet Day Everybody !

When I saw this news article from Australia, I stopped all I was doing and decided to pop up at least a few kind words, as it is a holiday.

So then, on with the matter of the moment.

It’s World Toilet Day !(And to think, I didn’t attend the parade !)

Experts call for end of flushing toilets on World Toilet Day

There’s even been a World Toilet Summit in Macau, hosted by Jack Sims of The World Toilet Organisation.

Of course our friends on the left in Australia couldn’t let things alone, so there’s now a proposal for a TOILET TAX throughout the land down under.

But the best part of the main article is saved for last…………”Toilet Facts”.

I’ll give you one of those facts. The rest are for you to discover. Learn well, Grasshopper.

Fact: “Most toilets flush in the key of E-Flat.”

If I’ve done my job properly providing real news you can use, this post will be at the top of Recommended Diaries within minutes and stay there for a long time to come.

Cheers !

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