"....what could Obama offer Iran in exchange for an end to its nuclear program that Bush hasn't already offered ?"

That’s the crux of an article by Caroline B. Glick on The Jewish World Review website. This is a very serious article that speaks volumes about the people who are coming into power in The USA.

“The Perils Ahead” by Caroline B. Glick – Jewish World Review website article.

I’m trying to form some thoughts about this, but can’t seem to start anything without delving into some serious tirade material against what appears to be an overwhelming majority of my own brethren.

‘Experts’ say close to 80% of American Jews voted for the president-elect. Count me in the 20% who wouldn’t, even with a gun to my head.

So, I’ll leave this be for right now and simply write a note to Ms. Glick thanking her for her fine writing and obvious depth of research and knowledge.

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