Please welcome to the world, The Israeli National Rifle Association.

Is a Second Amendment in Israel’s near future ?

The Israeli National Rifle Association

“Founded in October of 2008, the Israeli NRA was created with the idea of uniting all Israeli citizens that believe in the right to self defense. Our purpose is to lobby members of Knesset to pass laws allowing all law abiding Israeli citizens who have completed military service, to own and carry guns for self defense or sport.”

The Israeli National Rifle Association is not affiliated with the United States NRA.

My people are growing a set. I’m impressed.

The website is very rudimentary and they obviously need major help. But you have to start somewhere and at least they are.

I hope that The NRA here will be able to offer whatever they can in assistance.

Cheers !

Kenneth L Solomon…………Typical Bitter Jewish God-Clinging Gun Owner And Barking Mad Insane NASCAR Fan.