RedState.com Application (To Counter The B.H.O. Staff Employment Questionnaire.)

RedState.com Application.

Please answer each to the best of your ability.

If you do not know an answer, please say so and we will assist you in every means possible. Learning and retention are two of the most positive traits of humans.

1. Name……Your real first name, not a pseudonym. (We’re Americans. We don’t hide and aren’t afraid to be ourselves.).

2. Where are you ? (The state you live in is enough. If you’re international, say so. Please don’t hide behind The Ethernet Curtain.)

3a. Are you an American Citizen ? 3b. If not, do you wish to be ? (Yes or no questions and it’s not necessary to elaborate at all.)

4. Laptop or desktop ? (Beats the you-know-what out of ‘Boxers or Briefs ?’)

5. Do you have copies of the United States Declaration Of Independence, The United States Constitution and The United States Bill Of Rights in your home via any media format ?……..Posters, plain paper printouts, on a hard drive, etc. (Again, a yes or no question.)

6. To you, what is the most important part within the text of each of the three documents ?

7. Whether or not you own a firearm, are you a member of The National Rifle Association ?

8. If you do legally own a firearm, what are ‘The Ten Commandments Of Firearm Safety’ ? (Please don’t look it up and be honest if you don’t know. Also, if you don’t legally own your weapons, we’re definitely not your friends, so stop filling in this application and please leave RedState.)

9. Are you now, or have you ever been……………………..in possession of an American Flag to use for display outside your home ? (Sometimes that kind of comedic setup is worth it.)

10a. Through your years attending sanctioned public gatherings (sporting events, school functions, etc.) where The National Anthem Of The United States Of America (Or God Bless America) is played and you observed a person or group of people ignoring the occasion, have you ever approached them afterward and asked why ? 10b. What was the result of your query ?

11. What one thing are you most proud of regarding The United States Of America ?

12. In one or two sentences maximum, please describe exactly what you’re thinking regarding the future of The United States Of America going forward from 21 January 2009 at 12:01pm.

Welcome to RedState.com !

Kenneth L Solomon…………Typical Bitter Jewish God-Clinging Gun Owner And Barking Mad Insane NASCAR Fan.