To My Family Of Americans:

An open letter to those who care about our future.

I have been dreading publishing this document, for I prayed this day would never come in any lifetime of American existence.

Once upon a time as a people, we knew without anybody telling us why, simply knew in our hearts and souls, that we were Americans and why we were. If one word could bring out the meaning, it is the word ‘freedom’.

There is a storm just over the hill behind your home. You can feel it’s effects right now. A terrible storm of tyranny that has already infected our beloved America with greed, sloth and acceptance. But far worse, this coming storm has no direction of it’s own other than simply being on a path of destruction-of-the-now without regard to structure, population, morals and dignity. This storm will simply and quickly take revenge on those who do not like it’s path. The storm is the sunset of your freedom as an individual and our overall nation as a free people.

A gathering of evil has somehow won the day and when they legally hold court, we shall be taken by writ headlong into an abyss from which we as a people may not recover for literally two or three or more generations.

I now consider my birthright, The United States Of America, as being under siege and the ways are becoming primed for our total downfall. By the hands of those chosen to lead, the very fabric of our country’s history will be purposely reshaped to appear as the historical embodiment of domination at all costs. If the coming usurpation of the rights of citizens is not halted, future generations will be indoctrinated to acquiescence and to follow in subservience, not lead the world to freedom.

As the saying goes, it only takes one person to start a war, but thousands (if not millions) to conclude it. There are no words I can conjure to express my horror at the thought of anyone, or a small group of people, attempting to alter the outcome of America’s electoral system by taking matters into their own hands. This country could not and would not survive what would result.

The ancestral home of my fathers, Israel, and her people world-wide are in imminent danger of literal elimination at the hands of madmen who profess spirituality to a higher power. What just and good deity commands evil ? There are no doubts whatsoever that the person newly chosen for the highest civilian office in America will be at minimum a spectator, or worse yet, a facilitator in what can only be called the coming second Holocaust. I believe Israel and The Jewish People will realize within a short time they are truly on their own and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure survival. To those of my people who will simply say ‘it can’t happen here’, or ‘it can’t happen again’: I say it can and it will, unless you prepare to and do act as one.

However, to those of tyrannical ends, we offer no solace, no quarter and no mercy. To their facilitators, the same. The day shall come when your end will be met. That day will not sit well with a true free people, but will be necessary to incur in order to preserve the freedoms for all.

To those who welcomed this coming storm with open arms: For you, there may not be any forgiveness in us, as you will be among the first and hardest hit by the storm’s effects . . . Thou shall reap what thou have sown.

For those who cannot do for themselves, our homes and hearts are open to you as always and we are honored by your presence.

My Family, be aware that your ability to be informed of freedom versus tyranny will soon be compromised through all avenues. Those who place the chains will do so saying it is for our own well-being.

I am of one focus now and that is of freedom. I am not alone. Dear Family, you are not alone. We are not alone. There are millions of us. We shall take back our country with pitchforks and torches if needed. But take it back we will.

To my American family in uniform, be you in service to the country as a whole, or on domestic forces in our States, counties, cities and villages: The band of brothers and your close-knit world are about to be altered drastically. You may be called upon to take up arms against your own citizens and brethren in order to aid and abet the usurpation of our country’s foundation of laws. This by officials who dishonor our history and have even deemed you criminal and shame those who came before us all. As one, we beg of you to protect and honor the meaning and intent of our founding documents and the safety and sanctity of your fellow citizens in order to preserve and maintain the republic.

Do not take this warning lightly. Guard your freedom because it is your life.

Do not cower. Stand up and be heard. Silence is the death of a thousand generations.

Do not cede even a modicum of your rights, for the loss of one is the loss of all for all.

I am an American, I am of freedom’s cause and I will not go quietly into the night.

To have stopped me from protecting my liberty, my freedom, my family and myself, shall mean I am among others who have left this Earth in a just and final battle for one inch of freedom.

Kenny Solomon…………..Typical Bitter Jewish God-Clinging Gun Owner and NASCAR Fan………….No longer watching the news and my weapons are locked and loaded.