Iranian Ship Hijacking -- 16 Pirates Died After Handling Substance On Captured Iranian Ship [redacted]

Link to The World Tribune website story FROM TWO WEEKS AGO on what happened with the hijacked Iranian ship that everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten about.

16 Pirates Died After Handling Substance On Captured Iranian Ship – Substance: NUCLEAR, CHEMICAL or both.

Just in case the link doesn’t work …….. Here’s the text with full copyright notice above and below (sue me if you want WT, but this has to be out there and our media isn’t saying boo).

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16 pirates died after handling substance on captured Iranian ship

An Iranian ship captured by Somali pirates carried sealed containers of a powdery substance believed to be nuclear or chemical weapons agents.

Western intelligence agencies have been monitoring the capture of the Iran Deyanat, seized by Somali pirates on Aug. 21. The cargo ship, owned and operated by the state-owned Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, or IRISL, contains sealed cargo thought to be linked to the death of 16 pirates.

In September 2008, IRISL came under U.S. sanctions as a company that helps Iran’s nuclear and other strategic programs, Middle East Newsline reported.