People here in Flori-duh think Obama will pay their mortgages and fill their gas tanks.

I can get all snarky and VERY bitter here, but it’s simply not worth it.

Here’s a link to a news clip from our local NBC station.

The last 39 seconds sums it up on what many people think of Barack Hussein Obama and what he will do for them.

Steel yourselves, because the woman interviewed at the end deeply believes she won’t have any more problems if “The One” is elected POTUS. She’s not alone, not by a long shot.

NBC 6 (Local South Florida Station) – Unbelieveable Ending

There has go to be some sort of mass-hypnotizing/brainwashing technique used by cults that has been employed by the Obama campaign since it’s inception.

God help us all.

Kenny Solomon…………Typical Bitter God-Clinging Gun Owner And NASCAR Fan……….Watching the news and cleaning my weapons.