I'm Hanging An Effigy To Effigies.

Before you read further, I want it perfectly clear that I believe hanging effigies is wrong. Period. The damn things serve no purpose other than to incite violence and prolong stereotypes.

So then, take this as you may from my usual snarky attitude.

In Hollywood CA, displaying an effigy of the Republican Presidential Candidate sitting over a flaming chimney with the Republican VP Candidate hanging from a noose right below the chimney for over a week is perfectly fine.

But if you’re in Kentucky (at UK) and put up a hanging effigy of the Democrat Presidential Candidate, then you get arrested 15 minutes later for disorderly conduct and also get charged with theft of materials (from your own frat house). You’ll also undoubtedly be receiving very cordial visits from a few very friendly community groups at your home to assist you on your life’s direction, along with what is most certainly a speaking engagement at your regional Secret Service office and possible further charges.

I get it now.

This will be interesting when good ‘ol Barry runs up his “civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded” (as the military).

Random thought: I’m pretty excited to see how well my new Remington 870 Tac works at the range this weekend. It’s nice and light, plus the low-recoil 00 shells make this a perfect targeting armament.

Back to the matter at hand.

Exactly what is the matter at hand ? . . . Oh yeah, double-standards are what passes for normal now.

I’m going to be hanging something myself a bit later. But it’s only a nicely appointed and laminated sign with some text and a single photograph.

The photograph on the sign is of my legally owned Remington 870 Tac shotgun.

The text reads: “Welcome to Florida. The owner of this home can legally fire first if threatened. Please support The National Rifle Association and God Bless America.”

Cheers !

Kenny Solomon………..Typical Bitter God-Clinging Gun Owner And NASCAR Fan………..Watching the news and cleaning my weapons.