Florida Republicans expected to keep hold on state Legislature.


Here’s a link to the story (I have the full text if the article goes away).

Florida Republicans expected to keep hold on state Legislature.

I live in South Flori-duh (Broward County) and this news comes as a bit of a very nice surprise to me, because I thought we were going to be overrun by a bunch of Socialist Democrat tax-n’-spenders. I’ll take this good news, mainly because us common folk need a place to call home, even though we’re surrounded by a mass of “gimme-gimmee’s”).

So my main thought/comment is: Let’s say this really does shake out and “we” still hold the proverbial chain on the water-closet for our state, including a good guy as a governor in ‘ol Charlie.

I AM NOT talking about secession here. But knowing that federal funds would be cut off, can we as a state ignore and survive the federal unconstitutional stupidity that will come about with (God help us and forbid) Barack Hussein Obama as POTUS, along with an uber-majority of Left-Wing maniacs in the Senate and House (not to mention the judges that would be appointed to legislate from the far left edge of the bench) ?

Example: Parts of, or the entire First, Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendments To The US Constitution have a large chance of being usurped and/or ignored by an Obama Administration, along with their minions and storm troopers.

Some of our rights and laws are being ignored right now as the absolute beat-down several reporters and private citizens are experiencing due to their simply asking honest questions of Senator Obama, Senator Biden and others. This is not only shameful, but quite contrary to the documents and laws our country operates under, with nobody being challenged on these despicable acts of what can only be called political assassination.

Another real horror is that these reporters and private citizen’s FAMILIES are being looked into by overtly-agenda-driven media and political hacks.

I have friends on various police departments here and I’ve stated to many of them already, that they will have to kill me to silence my voice or take my guns (I legally own my weapons, of course). They look at me with knowing expressions and I pray they are of the same mind if and when push comes to shove.

OK, enough venting from me for now.

Cheers !

Kenny Solomon………..Typical Bitter God-Clinging Gun-Owner and NASCAR fan………Watching the news and going over documentation for my new weapon (Remington 870).

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