"Hit A Jew Day" At Suburban St. Louis Middle School

“Hit A Jew Day” – Linked story at CBS News Website

I’m kind of at a loss here.

Yes, I’m Jewish by heritage. Did the whole Bar-Mitzvah thing, married and then divorced through the religion and I certainly believe in a just and almighty God.

But when I see something like this, tears are what comes first, then outrage and deep anger. Also, there is the absolute fact that I can and will protect myself and family and friends at all costs.

Another notch in the breakdown of our society occured in Chesterfield Missouri.

I’m not taking this political, or any other direction than this is absolutely inexcusable no matter what the group involved, be they Hispanic, Black, or even albino three-armed dwarf lost-tribesmen from Bali. Can you imagine what would have happened if they had “Hit A Hispanic Day” ?

The principal and other administrators of this school should be dismissed, never to be in the educational field again. The “little darlings” who were involved in what amounts to pre-meditated ‘low-level’ assault should be put through the legal system. I’d seriously consider having their parents along for the ride as well.

I can’t say much more than this or I’ll become beyond enraged.

Kenneth L Solomon ……. Typical Bitter God-Clinging Gun Owner and NASCAR fan ……. Watching the news and cleaning my weapons.

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