A sincere thank you to the Veterans Administration.


This isn’t the only place I’ve posted this, but since y’all are my recently adopted family, believe this to be true: I honestly did not want to get involved with any Government agency at any level, but I had no choice and my Dad is a WWII combat veteran in need of real help.

On behalf of my Dad, Roy Solomon, a WWII combat veteran and my Mom, I wish to sincerely thank the Veterans Administration beyond measure (specifically the Bay Pines Regional Center) for being able to and supporting our family in a very serious time of need.

The VA has come through in a huge way with a pension for my Dad that will cover about 85% of in-home care for him AND my Mom.

I am left speechless by the incredible generosity of the US Military Family and am beholden to every US Citizen who reads this, because your tax dollars are part of the funding to make opportunities such as caring for our nation’s veterans a possibility and actually available.

In 2007 at 85 years old, my Dad was hit by twin subdural hemorraghes and hematomas, resulting in the need for emergency neurosurgery. Six days post-neurosurgery, he received a pacemaker implant. He has not been the same since the brain surgery. The diagnosis is Dementia with major loss of physical mobility.

Finding out about VA offerings and especially getting the ball rolling was a bear, plus the application process and follow-up documents, after follow-up documents, after follow-up documents were becoming a bit much to handle for one person and this all took place over more than 12 months . . . and we went through “a little bit” of money handling things on our own.

Now with the VA on their side and my income added, I can provide Dad and Mom their remaining years in their home, rather than in a home until the scenario is no longer an option.

I can only offer this to you: If your parents are still here, love them with all your worth, even if that’s what it takes …. all your worth.

I am deeply honored to be able to help them. Whatever money of my own I went through already (literally all of it) and will continue to do so in the future matters not a whit to me. Only that my parents will never ever want for anything.

God Bless America and our current and future veterans !

Kenny Solomon ……. Typical Bitter God-Clinging Gun Owner and NASCAR fan ……. Watching the news and cleaning my weapons.

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