The Bailout - At what cost to our freedom and country ?

Like Glenn Beck, I’m just a rodeo clown and a nobody, but I’m a thinker ; big-picture style. I’m also an American who deeply cares about three pieces of exquisitely penned parchment paper that are in deep, deep trouble.

You and I know there are without a doubt many provisions in this massive bailout document set – what started as a limited-in-scope, three-page document attempting to save our financial system – that will have severely negative impacts on everyone in regards to taxation, freedoms and possibly our rights as Americans. We’re not going to know the extent of what’s actually in there until “the powers that be” decide to tell us, or a few people in the media who care as much as we do obtain facts and make it all public.

This goes well beyond a bunch of well-connected political hacks covering their arses so their patrons (read that as elected officials) won’t get popped for being politically correct fools with OUR MONEY, in that everyone agrees this all started with “the government” forcing banks to hand out mortgages to people who had no business being granted them.

Seven Hundred Billion Dollars . . . that’s $700,000,000,000 . . . of OUR MONEY is not a realistic total due to one factor: The people in charge of this little project are the same ones who caused this mess in the first place ! If experience is a measure of ability to run things, then as a people, we are turning blind eyes and allowing the foxes, the butchers, the packers, the wholesalers, the salesmen and the retailers to guard the lone, barely stocked henhouse – with our blessings and “hope” that “change” is coming.

But I digressed into a tad amount of snarkiness, which is not my intent (although it’s really easy to deal with this through humor and I still may do so).

If anyone thinks this “latest big bailout” stops at the stated amount of Seven Hundred Billion Dollars, please raise your hand . . . . anyone . . . . Buehler? . . . Nobody ? Good, then you’re among the sane in an insane asylum begging the psychotics in charge to at least actually listen to. With all the disguised earmarks, back-door additional taxes and other hidden stuff being rushed through by our friends on the left side of the aisle (see, I can be nice to our country’s enemy), it will be an incredible thing is the Seven Hundred Billion Dollars doesn’t quickly become Two (or more) Trillion Dollars.

I also just mentioned that this is the “latest big bailout” in quotes. Since the auto industry was already given the odd FIFTY BILLION that was laying around and “we” already own AIG, the airlines are next and without question, will be granted a huge chunk of our money, because in all honesty, the nationalizing dominoes are falling already – industries demanding to keep up with the Joneses and all that.

This goes well beyond Right and Left now . . . Forget political ideology, for it will get us nowhere . . . It’s about Right and Wrong and the literal existence of our country and freedoms.

As a people, we must not allow the government to hand out OUR FREEDOMS and OUR MONEY to people – to so-called Americans – who haven’t a clue what our country is all about and worse, are hell-bent on destroying our country.

When my artist management business failed (independent rock bands aren’t exactly easy to market), I didn’t ask anyone (especially our government) to help with loans I knew I couldn’t pay back, or wouldn’t be able to. I didn’t do anything to harm my clients in the process of running the business. I let them know what was going on every step of the way and didn’t hide a thing from them, or anyone.

I’m going to stop here, because I need to, or I’ll go over the top.

It’s raceday in Kansas, so it’s off I go to meet some friends at the pub and watch my favorite rednecks making left turns. Boogidee boogidee boogidee, let’s go racin’ boys ! . . . . And remember, it’s not how fast you go, it’s how fast you stop that maters !


Kenny SolomonTypical Bitter God-Clinging Gun Owner ….. and NASCAR fan