Obama Waffles - A Tasty Breakfast Treat And Awesome Display Of Capitalism

I’d posted this a day or so ago, but didn’t do the title of the thread any justice. So I’m not sure if many of you saw it.

I am not connected to this company or it’s staff in any manner, other than being a paying customer.

Obama Waffles from West Wing Waffles, LLC

I ordered “The Sarah Palin Special”.

Cheers to the owners, Mssrs. Bob DeMoss and Mark Whitlock, for branding, producing and marketing what could be their families’ new fortune and most talked about food item ever produced . . . Obama Waffles.

This is a genuine waffle/pancake mix inside an incredible package.

Photo – Front of package.

Obama Waffles

I can see it now . . . . The product line expansion . . . . Michelle My Roasted Belle Peppers . . . . Ayers’ Chocolate Bombes . . . . Jeremiah’s G-D American Cheese . . . . Tony’s Real Estate Bottled Whine . . . . and a new hard-goods division: Joe’s Biden Time Bookshoppe (only restructured writings sold here).

Sometimes, this stuff just writes itself, eh?


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