Obama on Hurricane Ike - He's kidding, right ?

So there I was, watching the the NASCAR Truck race and they go to adverts . . . So, I switch over to The Fox News Channel to see what’s up with Ike (I have friends in Houston – they’re ok – and Shreveport – they’re about to get whacked).

On the bottom scrolling news ticker, something caught my eye, but I thought that I just misread the wording.

I didn’t misread anything.

Problem is, I can’t find any news stories anywhere to confirm it yet, not even at the Fox News website.

Ticker: Obama links Hurricane Ike with “the quiet storms that are taking place throughout America such as loss of jobs, health care and pensions” and argues John McCain is out of touch with those struggles.

If his comments are real, this man has no moral compass whatsoever.

With all the media following him around as if he really is The Chosen One, there has to be at least one set of audio and hopefully video of whatever he said.

I’ll keep looking.