Not a typical post on R.S. --- God's speed to those in Hurricane Ike's path.

To all in Gulf-Coast-area Texas and other areas inland who will be affected by Hurricane Ike:

Please stay safe and do not take any chances with life. Protect your family by staying with them and remaining calm, no matter what.

Having been through “a few” storms here in South Florida over the years has shown me that most people are capable of incredible good, even when their entire world has been inverted.

Rest assured that as Americans, we are here for you and will help in any way possible.

I really don’t want to take this post political, but we all know what the media will do with events and any true tragedies coming from the storm. Those of you affected by the storm, please do not give the media any fodder for their further degrading of our country.

Special thoughts and prayers to my friends Anita and Paul in West Houston. Hunker on down kids. Ike’s a-movin’ into the neighborhood and he don’t seem quite the friendly type.

Cheers and stay safe !