First ever blog entry anywhere.

In the immortal words of a little brown guy I saw on TV a few times, “Howwwwwwwwwwwdy Ho” !


I’m completely new to this blogging thing and don’t plan to do much at all, but will pop in a few words from time to time if I can (I’m way too busy taking care of Mom & Dad though).

For awhile now, I needed to get something into real words and in all honesty, I was stumped until Glenn Beck said it on the air in one simple word which has eluded this kollej edumakated dood for months: Judgment.

It is our individual judgment that carries us to who we are, how we act and what we project to others.

It is our individual judgment that determines to whom we interact with in a positive or negative light.

It is our individual judgment that allows us to believe that good will always win in the end.

It is our judgment that brought our predecessors to this great land, where our forefathers were through the years, where we are now are and will be going in the future.

It is my humble opinion that Barack Hussein Obama, for whatever he’s worth to anyone on any level, has horrid (at best) judgment of people, events and everything else pertaining to properly executing the duties of the office to which he aspires.

That he achieved, or was selected for the positions in which he has been seated, is quite honestly becoming irrelevant.

It is HOW he got to this point that matters, solely because this is where his judgment of all things has been and is being derived to this day and quite probably into the future.

It is the judgment of people who support him and his candidacy that should be called into question even more than his own, in that there has to come a moment in time where even a person of below-average intelligence should be able to see through the man and into his beliefs, motives and lack of judgment.

Therefore, my conclusion of the man I’d know since day one of his candidacy . . .

As an American, I do not wish to see, nor will vote for Barack Hussein Obama to be elected to the office of President Of The United States.

That does not make me a racist, bigoted, hate-monger.

As an American, I do not wish to see, nor will vote for Barack Hussein Obama to be elected to the office of President Of The United States because he is proving to be (at best) a Socialist, lying, US enemy-sympathizer who will be at the forefront of the destruction of the United States Of America and the freedom for which it stands.

Do I think Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim ? I’m not sure . . . and that’s being totally honest. Do I think Barack Hussein Obama leans towards “embracing a unique attitude and direction for an American” towards a religion based in absolute, no-quarter given-destruction of non-believers ? Absolutely. Do I think Barack Hussein Obama is a danger to our country? Again and very unfortunately, absolutely.

Do I wish ill to come of the man? Not at all.

I wish Barack Hussein Obama, for quite possibly for the first time in his life, learn and understand that the overwhelming majority of Americans hold dear to the principles of God, Country, Family and honoring all those who came before us and those who will come after to help ensure our freedom.

I also wish Barack Hussein Obama to learn and understand the uniqueness of the United States Of America, it’s principles of self-determination, self-governance and the ‘from-day-one-history’ of assisting those who cannot do for themselves.

Please take note that I did not say ‘assisting those who WON’T do for themselves’. A line in the sand is being drawn by a large percentage of the American populace who quite simply are tired of seeing their country diving headlong into a socialistic, if not communist-to-fascist oblivion.

This is not a racial issue and as Americans, we should not tolerate anyone accusing us of hatred for any other American who is wanting to better their lot in life.

What we truly want is for all to succeed at their chosen profession and in all aspects of life in the greatest political and social convergence ever created.

However, we want everyone to succeed by doing their best to learn, achieve and grow.

I am the first to offer my entire being to those who cannot do for themselves. However, I shed no tear and offer no solace or quarter for those who refuse to do for themselves, or who are in our country illegally, or for those wishing to do us harm.

Cheers for now !