The Real Pig

“Lipstick on a pig?”

Was Barack Obama referring to Republican women or all women in his statement issued against Sarah Palin?

Surely a leftist intellectual educated in the smarmy rhetoric of “political correctness” should have recognized the sexist connotations of the word “pig.”Had John McCain uttered such a careless statement, the liberal media, angry university students and outraged feminists would have burned McCain in effigy and spread his ashes over the fly-over states.

Instead, expect a very delicate and open-minded treatment of Obama’s “pig” gaffe. Afterall, Obama didn’t mean “pig” in the “strong woman who does not fit the mold of acceptability and conformity” sense of the word. He was just judging Palin’s moral character from his “superior” left-wing male perspective.

Ripping a page directly from the 1960s liberal lexicon, Barack Obama is the real “pig” here–a chauvinist pig.