We have met the enemy, and it is you. Yes, YOU.

I am done with Redstate. From Eric to whomever, it has become an echo chamber of discontent. No one is perfect. No one is worthy. No one is electable.  Everyone sucks.

I’m done. Out. Screw Eric, and the lot of you. YOU are the problem. YOU are why we don’t win elections. YOU are why Democrats keep getting elected. YOU are why this country is the way it is.

I have been a magisterial district chairman, I have been a state central committee member; I have even been a state director for a major presidential candidate…..all to no avail. Why? Because of YOU. Because someone wasn’t “pure” enough.  Because someone, back in the day, supported “X”….and now they don’t meet the Reagan test…Reagan, who could not possibly meet the test you have laid forth.

You….YOU…who now insist, after the debacles of Dole and McCain, swear allegiance to “never another RINO” in the justifiable hope that it all burn down under Obama. that somehow the GOP will come out ahead.

Santorum is a big government conservative. Newt, likewise, except with more baggage. Romney is, at best, a liar. Huntsman…who has the best economic policy of the bunch, …is unelectable because he betrayed his employer, Obama himself. Perry is beyond inarticulate, and the rest have dropped out.

Everyone sucks.

And yet the man occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave,  is beyond incompetent…he is a traitor and a Marxist. But that’s ok, because he’s better than [insert you least favorite candidate here].

Redstate — as influential and efficacious as it is and has become — is now all about tearing down whoever is leading in some “poll” (and really, has anyone here ever been called???), and — rightly or wrongly — become the arbiter of GOP purity, elections be damned.
If YOU would rather elect Obama, than support the GOP nominee, whoever that might be, YOU are part of the problem. If YOU are tired of nominating RINO’s because the mainstream media says “this is your candidate”, then you are naive at best, because no matter whom we nominate, they will all be subjected to a level of scrutiny that would make even Mother Theresa shudder in embarrassment.

Having watched 4 frontrunners implode — Pawlenty, Bachmann, Perry, Gingrich — at the HANDS OF CONSERVATIVES,  because they weren’t perfect — P E R F E C T — I now see the Internet for what it is: an echo chamber of discontent, with no viable alternative to some Reaganesque utopia which never existed.

Ronald Reagan himself could not escape the vitriol of hate that exists in this environment. I have even see the comment “Better Jimmy Carter, than the milquetoast version of “conservatism” that the “Old Man” gave us”

Burn it all down…purity above reality. And watch the Tea Party become a footnote in history.

As William F. Buckley said, elect the most conservative candidate that stands a chance of winning (to paraphrase). No one said anything about perfection.

My guy is Rick Perry. He’s the only one fighting illegal immigration. He’s got the best record when it comes to taxes and regulation. But he can’t put two sentences together. I don’t care…I’m done with words and spin, and look at performance. My next choice is Newt. But regardless, even if my party should choose Ron Paul, I will support this party’s candidate over THE TRAITOR that now occupies the White House no matter what.

Because, at the end of the day, Redstate doesn’t elect anyone.  If anything, it has devolved into a “how to exclude a candidate from consideration” free-for-all, based on some arbitrary definition of conservatism, and purity, which only goes to ensure the election of liberal, socialistic Democrats.

WE are our own worst enemy. Democrats would never bring up the arcane, ancient, and banal history of any given GOP candidate, in large part because they, too, are guilty of the same. Yet we destroy a man’s reputation, his family, his legacy, and his possibility for greatness by determining, based on one factoid, that “he’s a squish and a liberal”.

Done and out… “X” voted this way 200 years ago, therefore I cannot in good conscious vote for him/her. Better that Obama hasten the decline so we can get about rebuilding in the image of our forefathers”

I’ve seen it a hundred times on this site.

Redstate used to be the loyal opposition…it has now become the “angry and annoyed” Internet version of MySpace…where no reason or logic is allowed, and emotion runs free.

I want Rick Perry ( or Newt Gingrich, or even Rick Santorum). And I will emphatically vote for Mitt Romney if he is our nominee. But I am done with RedState…as Erick has allowed this to become an echo chamber of hate and discontent; where even our fellow conservatives are unfit to draw breath on this planet because at some point in the past they supported [insert least favorite conservative cause here].

This has been some time in the coming. When I realized that even Ronald Reagan, based on his record as Governor of California, was no longer acceptable to the vast majority of contributors, I knew that Erick had let this place “jump the shark”. I was a state director for both Ronald Reagan and Pat Buchanan, and I now find I am in the minority…because no one is perfect. And too many here would rather see it “all burn down” than vote for another RINO.

“All burn down” sounds good on paper. In reality, it means someone’s child goes hungry, or a family gets evicted and is homeless. A liberal argument to the heartstrings, to be sure, but given the dependence that we’ve allowed this government to have in our lives, reality nonetheless.  And that anger has consequences, to the very detriment of the GOP, who will be blamed for everything.

At the end, support whoever, but do so respectfully…as the candidate you loath today, may be the candidate you must vote for tomorrow. And if your RedState inclination is to watch it all burn down, lest a less than pure, perfect candidate get nominated, then yes…you are one of us, and the very enemy we seek to fight everyday.

I have seen the enemy, and they are weak. I have seen another enemy, and it is US, where the enemy of the perfect is the good…led in large part by Erick himself, and others on his “front page” (witness the extensive and exhaustive voting record of Santorum). When we find someone with the looks. charisma, and an Obamba-esque voting record, which entails …what?….then we will have our nominee.

In the meantime, we gots what we gots. Embrace it…or you’ve got 4 more years of “The One”