The Greatest Generation -- ISN'T

Wow.  Now there’s an indictment for you — you spend your youth fighting tyranny, watch your best friend’s brain get splattered over you and your foxhole, your shipmates die in a watery grave, and some SOB 70 years later calls you out as part of “the problem”.

Allow me to clarify,

What you and your children did in Korea and Vietnam was beyond commendable…it was f*ing awesome, on a scale that we can’t begin to comprehend. But in the aftermath of that moment in history, when everything aligned, and everyone was united, you laid the foundation for the end of this Republic.

History aside, we now reap what you have sown, from union pensions, to expectations that our progeny will do better, live better, BE better, than we were.  And now we realize there is LITERALLY not enough money on this planet (say that again to yourself – “not enough money in all the world”) to pay for all the things you made politicians promise us in return for electing them to office.

You did this.

And now you even have an ad on TV telling those same pols that if they don’t deliver, you’ll vote them out. As if that even mattered.

For you see, vote them in, or vote them out, there is no more money. Your retirement is going to suck. So will will mine. In fact, all of us who bought into the concept that Uncle Sam owes me a single nickle, are going to find that being homeless, is the likely outcome of these decisions. We KNOW that Social Security is bankrupt, yet you kept and keep voting in politicians who have zero incentive to actually fix what we all know — but refuse to call — is a big, steaming, stinking pile of Ponzi.

YOU did this. You sit in your retirement condo in Florida or wherever. YOU stormed the beaches of Normandy, and fought the Fascists of Europe, and then turned around and supported the fascists in this country (under the guise of “socialism”) and thought it was all good.

America stands at the precipice, and yet YOU claim you paid into SSI and Medicaid and you deserve a payback well in excess of anything you contributed monetarily. You STILL think this is your money, and that the guv’mint owes you.

You’ve been lied to. In SPADES. This is what socialism does. It lies. It doesn’t work, it never has, and it never will. Yet it endures because people like you — who have literally been to hell and back — think there must be a free lunch at the end of this rainbow.  There isn’t.

I am 50 years old.  I have zero confidence that there will be anything for me in a few years. And if there is, it will only be there as the country bankrupts itself to pay the promises it made.

The PARTY IS OVER. FDR is dead, and we can only hope his corpse rots in the grave, and his socialist soul is burning in Hell for all eternity. For no one is more responsible than FDR (and Wilson) for the enslavement of mankind. In each of us, however, lives a soul that yearns to be free. And ultimately, this is what will win out, if not under this government, than the next.

But as I watch the candidates debate, and a Democratic President obfuscate and openly lie on a scale unknown in any Western democracy to date, I see glimmers, and glimpses of some elemental understanding of how far we’ve strayed.

Yet these come from the younger of us, those ones paying the bills. For the older, the Greatest Generation, I see greed and entitlement. Are they entitled?  Yes, but not to the point of suicidal oblivion. And that’s where we are.

Elect whomever. Work for whomever. in the end, it doesn’t matter unless we refocus our efforts in a manner that shrinks this govenrment. Everything else is pointless.