Through the GOP Looking Glass...

Today is the day where we all, as they say, put our big-boy pants on, and start doing what’s necessary — at times unpleasant — to ensure Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are either fired, or demoted to Minority status. So let’s get that out there up front. We vote Republican in November. Period.

Reality check, however.  In a time not long ago, measured in days, if not weeks, taking back control of the Senate by Republicans was a concept of whimsical fantasy on par with say…oh…President Obama coming out in favor of JFK/Reagan style tax cuts, and a big mea culpa on the whole Healthcare thingy.  Then something changed, and not a few of us, including a few in the GOP establishment, started drinking our own Kool-Aid, and believing our own press clippings, and the next thing we know — shazam — the Senate is in play.

Nevermind the fact that taking over the House was a big enough hurdle in and of itself.  Now a new bar had been set — complete takeover of the Congress. Throw in the governorships, state legislatures, various and sundry attorneys general, a few state referenda, the odd secretary of state here and there, and the whole of the Colorado Supreme Court.

With each passing day, the bar got set higher and higher so that at SOME point, the New York Times would eventually be correct and could say, at some level, Tea Partiers have failed. Frustratingly, that has not happened. Even the GOP establishment, in a perverse alliance with the Times, and everyone who works at MSNBC, and who failed in the beginning to grasp the significance of what can only now be seen as nothing short of a peaceful revolution, are flailing and looking for someone to blame, lest they too join their troubled brethren in the Democratic lifeboats. So the ever-higher-bar theme plays right into their denial.

This is the same group that brought you the concept of “electability”.  To date, those candidates with the most “electability” are the candidates who keep failing to win elections.  That would be “President John McCain”, right?  I could insert here the litany of “GOP Approved” candidates who have already joined, or will soon be joining, their fellow Americans in the unemployment line, but you get the point. As breathtaking as the disconnect between the Obama Administration and the American people may be, it is no less shocking to see the naked and raw clawing and clinging to power of self-professed conservatives in the ivory tower of GOP leadership, who have welded a looking glass to the walls of their echo chamber and who see nothing — NOTHING — in the coming wave election but an opportunity to exploit conservatives and other “unelectables” for their own ends.

“Electability” is what brought about the debacles of 2006 and 2008.  I’d even go so far as to argue that “electability” is what ultimately caused the GOP to drift so far into the progressive sewer the Left wants us all to live in, starting back in 2000.  But with results that speak for themselves, the only word dirtier than “incumbent” or “Democrat” in this election cycle seems to be “electable”.  At least among GOP voters.

How this all plays out will be decided soon, of course.  My gut, which is unfailingly right about things, even when I don’t want it to be, tells me that polling is not yet picking up the depths of anger and frustration, and which will cause voters who may not have voted since 1980 to make sure their voice is heard this time.

They’ve deemed Christine O’Donnell “un-electable”.  Given the track record so far, and I might double check with Scott Brown, I’d say that gives her a fighting chance and a better than 50/50 chance of poking one more stick in the eyes of GOP Senate leadership who have fossilized themselves in the rose colored amber of their own voices, and who can see, hear, and say nothing about the freight train that is about to rip through their little corner of the world, every bit as much as it tears asunder the house that O built.

Today we start taking names, taking our country, and taking our Constitution back. One. Precinct. At. A. Time.

“Electable” is who WE say it is — not them.