In Search Of...the coming Ice Age.

Wow.  You’ve got to listen to the certainty with which these climate scientists predicted…global cooling.  Hell, not even global cooling.  Global freezing, miles of ice, and that the science was settled, and that the ice age began 3000 years ago. We were DOOMED. Who was the brilliant mind behind all this? Stephen Schneider — the same Stephen Schneider who now is one of the chief cheerleaders of AGW. (You’ll see a young Stephen in the second video at 6:05). This post comes courtesy of a young man named Luboš Motl in the Czech Republic (more proof that not everyone in Europe is crazy).

You can bet that this is one “In Search Of” episode the History Channel will make sure never sees the light of day again!

See the post and videos at http://motls.blogspot.com/2009/10/in-search-of-coming-ice-age.html

Schneider’s position is particularly brilliant — no matter what the planet does now, he can say he was right!

Snowball Earth - caused by global warming. Riiiiggghhtt....